From the Bride & Groom:

~ you guys were so helpful and nice…

Seth & Nicole, Pose For Paige Photographer, September 22



“Thank you for all your patience and hard work on mine and Seth’s wedding day! You guys were so helpful and nice about everything the whole entire day and all the other days!”


Seth & Nicole

Mother of the Groom:

~ you keep things so calm and relaxed…

 Matt & Kami, Kayleen Huffman - Photography, September 21

Thank you so much for making their/our day so perfect. Such a beautiful setting and you keep things so calm and relaxed for everyone. The kids couldn’t have picked a more prefect place.


Father of the Bride:

~ The day was blessed in so many ways!

Hannah & Richard, Jasmine Hamiliton Photographer, September 1
“Denison Ridge was an amazing venue for Hannah and Richard’s wedding. The day was blessed in so many ways!!!”


Mother of the Bride:

~ We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place…

Tim & Heaven, Jeremiah Andrews Photography, July 27


“Thank you for the hospitality. What a beautiful place you have there. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place to have Heaven and Tim’s wedding.”






 The Bride & Groom:

~ so beautiful and everyone is still talking about it.

Jerry & Michelle, Fagoio Images, June 29


“Michell and I want to thank you for helping with the wedding. The wedding was perfect because of your property. It was so beautiful and everyone is still talking about it. All the pictures taken ended up beautiful because your yard is amazing! We will be telling everyone about you.”

Thank you,

Jerry & Michelle


The Bride:

~  a fairytale wedding come true for me!



“I just wanted to thank you and once again, tell you how wonderful your  home is, and how grateful we are to you for allowing us to have our wedding on your property! Everything was perfect, it was a fairytale wedding come true for me! ”
Again, thank you so much!




From a Denison Ridge fan:

~ Your kindness is rare and beautiful.


“Thank you for being so thoughtful and understanding. Your kindness is rare and beautiful. I just wanted to say that we appreciate what you did for us very much. Thank you Teri! : ) It meant so much to me!


Wedding Coordinator/School Activities Director:       


~What a blessing you are.

“Thank you so much for letting us have Home-Coming at your beautiful home.

It was such a fun night. What a blessing you are.”




~ You have been simply fantastic to work with!!

“Thank you SO much for your assistance, input, advice and flexibility in planning this event. You have been simply fantastic to work with!! ”


Mother of the Bride:

 Words can not describe the beauty of your property especially with the views that you have.



“Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us for my daughters wedding. When she originally asked me to go to Clayton to look at your place I was a bit apprehensive because it seemed so far . To my surprise and amazement the drive was short and your property breath taking.

Words can not describe the beauty of your property especially with the views that you have. So many people asked me how we found such a gorgeous place. Working with you was so wonderful and you and your husband did so much it made my work seem so easy.

Stefoni and Andrew feel that they had picked the perfect place and had the perfect wedding and I agree. I have already sent people to your website, you can not go wrong with a wedding at Denison Ridge.”

Again thank you so much.



Mother of the Bride:

~ If we had it to do again, we would do just as we had done!

“I was having a difficult time finding a place for our wedding. We had restricted dates. Shannon is our only daughter so we were finding it difficult to know reputable venues for the event.

I contacted Denison Ridge the moment I had been referred by a friend. They were able to facilitate the wedding. Teri invited us to come view Denison Ridge before booking. When we arrived she had many venue ideas, decorations and a packet to send with us. Teri is available by email and phone for questions. She also is extremely helpful and offered excellent advice. With our wedding inexperience and her expertise, the wedding was a fairy-book affair.

I would encourage all brides and mothers of brides to check out Denison Ridge. Most guests said it was the best wedding they had been to. The setting is exquisite. As we review the wedding, I can say all surpassed our expectations for a glorious wedding. We feel Denison Ridge had everything to do with this. All of our friends that attended still rave about the wedding. If we had to do it over again, we would do it just as we had done!”

God Bless and thanks for a job well done.


From the guest list:

~ It Was a Privilege…

” Teri, Thank you  for allowing me to be part of your family on the beautiful occasion. It was a privilege and a very great pleasure. Your family is wonderful!”

Sincerely, Rose


~ Absolutely Memorable…

“Dearest Teri and Les, I believe it was Creedence Clearwater that sang a song about being “barefoot dancing in the moonlight”. Thank you so much for an absolutely memorable celebration. I was honored to attend and witness the wedding of two of the most “genuine” kids I have ever known! Thank you for all of your  hard work and preparation before the event, And… no doubt, after the event!”

In Christ, Nancy


From the bride:

~Calm and Enjoyable…

” I had my wedding at Dennison Ridge, July 30th 2010. It was the most amazing day of my life.

The setting was perfect. I loved the terraced lawn and breathtaking view of the valley and town below.

With Trees, huge grassy areas, and lots of character on the property, my pictures turned out beautiful. Also the amenities that came with the property were great! They included a full kitchenette for our use, as well as a large dressing room for my bridesmaids and me. My day flowed perfectly and it was a calm and enjoyable experience.

I recommend Denison Ridge to everyone! You can not go wrong choosing this facility, they will make sure your special day is just as wonderful as mine was! I might be biased, as this is my parents property, but I had other choices and declined because I wanted my wedding at Denison Ridge, it was just the best.”

Eryn Whalen :)