10 things

If only I could go back in time and do some things over again. There are at least 10 things I wish I had known earlier. From the heart things, meaningful things. Things that worry you when you are young and striving for achievement.

It’s always push, push, push. Go faster, get more done. I have to have this, this will make my life better. I need to work more hours to get ahead, so many preconceived ideas on how it must go, how it has to be done. Rushing to get there, anywhere but where you are right now.

The 10 things I wish I had known 10 years ago are not earth shaking, and really at that time in my life I wouldn’t have thought them important anyway. My Aunt Jan always said when you get older things look different, and they sure do!

1. The grass really isn’t greener on the other side

Some people look like they have it all together all the time, but they usually, if ever, do. That doesn’t mean anything except they are human like us. Everyone has a story once you get to know them.

2. Children need less hovering

I realize now that adult children really like to feel independent, trusted, told that you believe in them and that they can make the right decision; reassurance they are capable of figuring it out. But that I’m always available for conversation. Plus, I need to be a good listener, and this is hard when all I want to do is give advice. ?‍♀️

3. Trials produce character

I grew up thinking if you messed up you were not worthy. No, my parents didn’t tell me this. I told myself this. There were no excuses for mistakes. I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect, and we know there is no such thing.

4. You are the person you are, because of what you have experienced

We can use our life experiences for good. Even if they are painful or hard it just makes us more caring when others are facing tough times.

5. God gives us a choice

I can live my life stagnant and mediocre or full of excitement and purpose. Excitement and purpose do not come with out hardship and trials, but it is rewarding.

6. We need to be strong and courageous

How many times I have shrunk back from what I really wanted to do? To. Many. Times. Not anymore. My path should always be full of learning and moving forward.

7. I am capable

Why is it hard to believe in ourselves?! Where does the doubt and fear come from? It’s a lie. We need to hang out with those who would encourage and in turn be that person for someone else.

8. God is the one who gives desires and dreams

We have been created to be unique individuals, with desires and dreams. We need to move forward in our calling. Where there is a will, there is a way right? If you are stuck ask “what am I missing” sometimes the answer is staring us in the face.

9. Owning your own business is just good business

I’m a believer we need to be as self sufficient as we can. There are so many reasons to own your own business. You might enjoy this post, Change Your Financial Future .

10. We all need help… yes, you really do

It’s okay to need and ask for help. When I ask for help I’m sure to give back in one way or another. If you are like me it’s hard to accept help. I can help others all day long but when they want to help me I feel like I’m an inconvenience. It’s a lie! We need others and they need us.

Things I wish I had known, can you relate? I’m pretty sure, at whatever our age is, we can look back ten years and see things we could have done differently. But remember, we are the person we are today because of what we have been through. And that is a positive.

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