How to Prepare For A Wedding Day As A Venue Owner

Venue tips for wedding day goes both ways. I prepare the venue to serve my bride and her family. Which in turn help the bride and her helpers succeed in their commitment to this special day.

If a less stressful celebration is to follow, we all need to be prepared. It will always take cooperation on both sides to make this happen. This can be so fun! When everyone knows their job, and is doing their job, lots of hugs, giggles and laughter fill the air.

For our – venue tips for wedding day- I will be using a scenario that fits most of our weddings, hopefully this will all make sense. Let’s take a look at prep on wedding day by both parties.

Always & Forever Doors / Wine Barrels

Venue to-do: Make sure the doors are in place during venue set-up time (beginning of path or?). They must be even. This may require a shovel and or small boards for stabilization. Supply wreath hangers if needed. Put the wine barrels in front of each door, or other designated area. Stabilize with small boards if needed.

Wedding party to-do: Put a wreath on each door and sit the programs on top of the wine barrel along with other decor; if this is your choice for the day. Will there be water bottles on ice provided as guests head to ceremony area? Be sure to fill the tub with ice and bottled water when appropriate. This is easy to forget (happens all the time?)be sure you designate this.

Ceremony Backdrop / Aisle

Venue to-do: Place tulle on the pergola, make extra time for this. Add clips so the wind does not move fabric. Chairs in place and washed down. Shepard staffs along aisle, none by front row, to congested and busy.

Wedding party to-do: Add decor to pergola, fastening so the wind doesn’t move things. Reserved signs for parents, etc. Jars decorated and filled with flowers hung on the Shepard staffs along aisle.

Dessert Table

Venue to-do: This is an easy one for us! One or two 6 ft. tables, add linen. We also have cake cutting supplies if needed.

Wedding party to-do: Glass display plates of different heights for donuts. Our venue has some for use. Small cake for cutting ceremony, on stand. Decor pieces sprinkled here and there along with supplies for eating cake.

Catering Area

Venue to-do: Add three six foot tables knowing that a fourth might need to be added, depends on caterer needs. We will add black linens to the tables. They can be situated on the grass for going down both sides or on the cement next to the patio polls if caterer is serving the food.

Wedding party to-do: If caterer is not supplying the plates, napkins, and plastic silverware, they will need to be put on the table before serving. Along with decor that will be used for this purpose. Caterer usually handles it from there.

DJ Accommodations

Venue to-do: We always supply a table so the DJ has one less thing to bring. I do like them to supply their own linen but I have one if they do not. The table is set in an area where they DJ will have accessible power. Our venue has guidelines for the DJ to adhere to, and a sound check is required.

Wedding party to-do: When the DJ arrives he will need the songs for the evening and how they will be used during the ceremony.

French Doors

Venue to-do: Our “magic shed” has many garlands to use on the french doors. There is an abundance of floral’s, and greenery for draping. All our decor is provided at no extra cost to our brides.

Wedding party to-do: Choose the decor that makes you happy! We’ll do our best to make it look like you want or you can do this yourself. Here are some great ideas.

Guest Sign-in Table / Favors Table / Or

Venue to-do: Add tables for sign -in and presents. There might be other tables needed for favors, sparklers, and sometimes for remembrance of parents or others. I will provide linens for these tables as well.

Wedding party to-do: Add decor as well as sign-in book or other special addition for collecting names of guests.

Bar / Beverage Areas

Venue to-do: Move designated bar table into place. We can supply dishcloths if needed. Tubs for beer, wine, water and other drinks are provided.

Wedding party to-do: Add special decor for area. Supply the ice (we have a freezer for extras), cups, napkins, and all beverages. A licensed bartender is require – even for beer and wine. Our vendors page has approved bartenders, or your licensed caterer might be able to provide one.

Photo Booth Area

Venue to-do: We offer a square (with carved out center) that can be hug in a tree for photos (we will hang said square). A table can be provided for photo booth props. Many decide to hire a professional company and we will provide a place for this.

Wedding party to-do: Bring photo booth props if you are DIYing it. A camera etc.

Dancing Area

Venue to-do: Currently we are adding a permanent dance floor to the venue (may 2020). It will have lights strung across for special moments of – AWESOME – dancing.?

Wedding party to-do: Hire a professional DJ! And be ready to dance the night away.

Of course, there are a lot of things that go on prior to wedding day that are not discussed here. Hmmmm… another post idea?! I hope these venue tips for wedding day will help in your planning that – once in a life time!

How to Prepare For A Wedding Day As A Venue Owner

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