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I turned 60 in September so I decided to answer a third of my years in questions. 20 questions should be plenty I think, to get to know me better!

1.Have you ever gotten a driving ticket?

a: Twice! Once when I was in college and it was for driving with studded tires. You see I didn’t live at home so my dad hadn’t changed them out yet. The second time I was pulled over because they didn’t think my son was old enough to sit in the front seat, which he was, but he had taken off the shoulder strap to the seat belt, that is a no, no!

2. How can you tell when I am having a bad day?

a: I just get very quiet, like real quiet. Everyone starts asking what’s wrong. That doesn’t make things better…

3. Am I a creative?

a: Yes! I could create all day long. My mind rarely shuts off – this is not good- ideas are a given. Ask my husband, it drives him crazy. Because… my ideas usually involve him. Yep, yes they do!! ?‍♀️ See for yourself: DIY Outdoor Hand Wash Station

4. Would I rather live in the city or the country?

a: Well that is a no brainer, the country.

5. Do I believe in life after death?

a: Yes, when I leave this earth I will be in Heaven with my Jesus! I’m expecting my mom to greet me at the entrance gate. Then she will teach me how to play the harp because she is proficient by now. 🙂

6. What was my favorite subject in school?

a: History with writing a very close second. I received A’s for content in writing and D’s for spelling and grammar.?‍♀️

7. How Do I Show Someone That I Love Them?

a: By listening, being and encourager, and of course hugs!

8. Do I Snore?

a: Sad to say, but – a little?! I didn’t used to, I think it has something to do with being 60. Yes,I’m sure it does.

9. If I Had A Warning Label, What Would It Say?

a: Be genuine, I despise small talk.

10: What Odd Smell Do I Really Enjoy?

a: Horse sweat! I had horses when growing up, the best time ever. Is that a weird know me point or what, lol!

11. Do I Take Leftovers Home When I Eat Out?

a: Of course. I love leftovers, that means I don’t have to prepare something later.

12: What Do I Need To Let Go Of?

a: Worry. I worry about letting people down. I pride my self (first mistake)on trying to keep everything in order, calm, and running smooth.

13: Where Would You Like To Live?

20 Questions to Get to Know Me Better |  How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue In Your Own Backyard

a: I love where I live! In the country, and I get to enjoy every season. As I get older though, I like the snow less and less.

14: What Is Your Favorite Food?

a: Popcorn! Hands down, nothing better.

15: What Is Your Favorite Holiday?

a: Thanksgiving. It’s always family, good food and everyone looks forward to the quarter game. Depending on how many people play, you can feel rich when it’s over, lol.

16: Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO

a: Netflix. We live in the country and internet is not the greatest, Netflix works the best.

17: What Are Your Hobbies?

a: I love walk/jogging my country roads in the summer and I go to the gym M,W,F, all year long. My neighbor goes with me so I stay at it! Oh, and gardening. I love, love, flowers. ?

18: What Kind Of Music Do You Like?

a: Awe music. I love my casting crowns Pandora music on my walk, country music in the car, John Secada Pandora music when working in the yard. And, podcasts of my favorite business people anytime.

19: Describe Your Perfect Day.

a: Up at 5:00, bible study, morning walk/jog/gym, doing a bit of business, working in the yard all day, dinner with hubby, and a t.v. show or movie before bed. Oh and a few Voxer conversations with my grown children during the day, those are the best. ?

20: What Are Your Personal Goals?

a: I want to be a wonderful grandmother! I would love my businesses to grow and be a blessing to others. I want my life to be purposeful, never dull, and always full of adventure.

Okay! There you go. Now you know 20 things about me you didn’t know before. Do you have more questions for me? Leave them in the comments so I can answer them.

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