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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Married at an Estate

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important steps of the planning process and it’s one thing you really want to get right. When you look through possible locations and settings, you’ll certainly come across the idea of an estate wedding. There’s something in the name, the history and the surroundings that makes you feel like you’re escaping reality and stepping into a little bubble of tranquility and peace. So let’s list all the reasons why an estate wedding might be the right choice for you.

All-in-one experience

Planning a wedding is a stressful job, especially if you don’t have any experience in event planning and you need to keep million pieces of information in your head and connect all the different people and services you need to organize it. Estates such as Denison Ridge will provide you with lists of people, from wedding coordinators to tailors, who are local experts in the field and can help you have a wedding of your dreams. If you hire people who have worked with the specific estate, you’ll have a much easier time with planning, since they know how things work, what are the best spots for pictures, what is the weather like in what season, etc. Putting together a good team is half of the work of organizing a wedding.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Married at an Estate

Rich history

A lot of estates have a story behind them. That story is seen in the land, the buildings and everything else around you. By having your wedding there, you are contributing and becoming part of the history of that estate. You’ll also have a special feeling on the day, because you know you’re getting married in a place that is important. Ask the hosts about the story of the place. You might be surprised with how much history one land can contain. From previous owners to the history of the current ones. Perhaps the history of the place, like the origin of the owners, can inspire the entire theme of your wedding, so ask and research to find that information.

Local food and drinks

Estates offer different services. Many of them have their own professional chefs with a garden. They will prepare all of your food fresh and from local ingredients. When it comes to drinks, places like the Olivigna winery are perfect for wine lovers, as they offer a wide range of wines made from the very grapes that you’re taking your pictures next to. When setting up the date, you want to make sure that you are discussing which ingredients will be in season to make sure the menu matches what they have in the garden. Food and drinks are important parts of the wedding day, so paying attention to them will elevate the entire experience.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Married at an Estate


Many estates will offer you not only the space for your ceremony and party, but also accommodation for you and your guests. Even if it’s just the wedding party staying there, extending the wedding to the day before, and the morning after where you all have breakfast together and talk about the previous day, will make everything even more special. If the estate you’re getting married on doesn’t provide accommodation, they will certainly be able to recommend a place nearby that will match their aesthetic.

Perfect pictures

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Married at an Estate

There really isn’t anything as beautiful as pictures taken on an estate. There is so much land with different shooting locations that you’re sure to find the perfect backdrop. From natural landscapes to old stone buildings, everywhere you look there is a beautiful photo opportunity. Ask the hosts when most of the estate is in bloom and try to schedule your wedding around that time. This will give you the best possible photos and atmosphere. Will your wedding will go on into the night?  Make sure you set up lanterns and candles to provide the best light and mood, both for photos and the present moment.

Getting married at an estate is not something reserved only for the rich and famous. It’s available to everyone. Plus, you can often transform the place to make it your perfect venue. There is something for everybody. Whether you want to be indoors in a historic house, or outdoors surrounded by stunning nature.

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