Denison Ridge was thought out carefully, after, we made the decision to make our backyard into a wedding venue. I knew that landscaping would play an important role in a brides venue selection because, photos need a fabulous backdrop.

When a photographer comes to the Ridge, their eyes and body language speak volumes. Their eagerness to start using the camera gives it away, lol. Amazed with all the photo opportunities that the venue has to offer.

With that being said, lets go over five areas that will need to be thought out when landscaping your venue.

5 Things to Consider Before Landscaping Your Venue

Showing Off The Dress

There are several- must have- photos for every bride and a talented photographer has an eye for just the right spot to take that perfect photo. The greenery and flowers in the back ground make this beautiful dress pop.

Photo Credit: https://www.distinctionstudio.com/

The Dessert Station

While of course most people will be looking at the yummy food display with anticipation, the clematis hanging to the side adds a beautiful addition to this – sweet – photo. And, while this beautiful bride chose this area for her dessert station I have others for the bride with a different image in her mind.

Photo Credit: https://www.distinctionstudio.com/

The ceremony backdrop at the Ridge is a permanent structure. It can be decorated in a lot of ways. Simple is always a good choice, but oh my, there are so many ways for a bride to decorate for a theme or specific style they are going for. Oh! And I have a Pinterest board dedicate to ceremony backdrop ideas.

Ceremony Backdrop

Photo Credit: https://www.distinctionstudio.com/

Fun Photos

After the ceremony, and the reception is underway, the photographer and couple usually sneak away for some fun random shots. Everyone is relaxed and ready to – just let their hair down – for some treasured couple photos. Talk about a landscaping dream come true. This old log cabin was on the property when we purchased it.

Photo Credit: https://www.distinctionstudio.com/

Family Photos

What a perfect place for a mom and daughter photo, who doesn’t like a swing? Denison Ridge has more than one swing on the property and they are always a hit on wedding day. Swings can be decorated, or left natural. And, I happen to have a Pinterest board dedicated to swing decor.

There you have it! Take these landscaping tips and design your venue for success.

Photo Credit: https://www.distinctionstudio.com/

Denison Ridge is grateful to Rachel of Distinction Studio for sharing these stunning photos for our enjoyment.

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