6 Ways to Keep Youngsters Busy on Your Wedding Day

Chances are there are going to be youngsters at your wedding, why not plan ahead to have a few activities to occupy their time. Here are six very “do-able” ideas for keeping them busy and joyful!

6 Ways to Keep Youngsters Busy on Your Wedding Day
  •  Send them on an “I Spy” quest. Make a list of things to spy out, have the items printed on a card and ready to hand out. Be sure to have enough crayons or washable markers to give the children so they can mark the item off the list. For little ones who cannot yet read, make a picture of the item for them to mark off. A prize after finishing will make this game “really” fun.
  •  The “kids” table is usually a given these days. Be sure it’s set up in its own special area and topped with coloring books, markers, some bubbles for blowing and maybe even a few snacks.
  •  A menu for kids! Children love macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, hot-dogs and nuggets.  If your caterer provides this great, but I bet grandma might cook up something yummy to help out with the kids menu if you ask her.

Hula hoop

  •  Let’s hula hoop! You can send the kids to a secluded place at the venue and let them show off. Bring several so everyone can play. There are other games to play with this versatile toy too. Check out my Pinterest board called Outdoor Games for Kids.
  •  Play the Corn Hole game (I’m not sure why it’s called this). The kids (I’ll be one of the kids if you play this game : ) love this game. You get to throw, yes throw, a bean bag into the hole. Who doesn’t like to throw things (be honest now, I know I’m not the only one)?!
  •  Did someone say “Treasure” hunt?  This is along the same lines as the “I Spy” quest. Make a list of things to be found and put into a bag. Don’t forget to supply small paper bags for them to put their “Treasures” in. I do believe a “prize” is in order after this game is finished also. : )

There you have it! I’m sure if you have little ones you have some of your own ideas that would work for this occasion. Just don’t wait until the last minute to gather the supplies. You might consider asking a creative friend and one that likes working with children to take on this fun task.

Teri…who is available to show the youngsters how to “throw” those bean bags!!

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