The Six Things Your Wedding Guests Actually Care About

Keeping your wedding guests happy can be fun. I know you want them to have a great time at your celebration too, right? I’m going to share 6 things your wedding guests care about, things I have noticed from being the venue owner.

Wedding guests come from near and far. They save the date, and come because they love and care about you. Many have to hire sitters and some spend a lot of money on travel and hotels to make it to your special event. You are not surrendering the wedding of your dreams when your guests are having a great time too.

The Venue

Okay, I may be biased but Denison Ridge is a stunning, warm and inviting venue. You do not have to take my word for it. You can check out Google reviews. The grounds are large, and full of beautiful flower gardens that guests love to wander through.

Your guest will need to know the terrain is grass with sandy paths to get from place to place. Wheel chairs work just fine, and everything is within a short walk. Heals are probably not a good option for an outdoor venue. You might enjoy this post: Why You Should Consider Denison Ridge for Your Wedding Day

The view is the big draw at Denison Ridge. That is why the weddings usually take place on the big green lawn. However, if the weather happens to turn sour, a barn stands at the ready to keep the rain and wind from dampening the event.

The Beverages

I have to say beverages are one of the things your guest will enjoy the most. A variety of soft drinks, and juice boxes are a hit for the younger, under age, drinking group. For the older generation they will enjoy the free beer and wine (clients purchase alcohol for guest to consume, no money exchanged) and coffee if it is provided.

I don’t see much coffee provided anymore and that is a shame. Parents, but especially the grandparents group love to have coffee after the meal. And, don’t forget the cream and sugar at the coffee station. Oh, Do Not, forget the water! Water is always the most sought after drink, especially on hot days. You can buy different sizes and in bulk at many stores.

The Food

Awe, the food. Of course the food must be wonderful, but wonderful doesn’t have to be expensive. We have seen much variety in the food selection here at the Ridge. There are the normal meat selections, we’ve seen lots of pizza and even taco bars.

But this year we had a soup bar! Who would have thought? It was wonderful and the owner, Lauren, of Soulful Soups & Spirits was amazing, what a gem to get to work with.

Denison Ridge does require a licensed catering company to prepare the food. It must come prepared though. We do not have a commercial kitchen.

The Music

It’s a fact that music plays a very important part of every celebration. A professional DJ can make the festivities feel like a dream day come true, so choose wisely. I’m not going to lie, we have seen the worst DJ’s and the best.

I would love to give a shout out to Complete Weddings & Events I happen to know Christian, owner of this company personally. They will work with any budget, and the DJ’s are trained in their craft.

Why do I recommend Complete Weddings & Events so highly? Because they are respectful, and courteous to both the venue, their client, and the guests. I have found people hiding in different place on the property just so they could visit and chat with friends.

Being to loud is disrespectful to your guests and probably to the surrounding neighbors at the venue. The venue knows what the noise level should be. Plus, we as venue owners want everyone to have the best time. You might enjoy this post on: Questions to Ask Before You Hire a DJ

Greeting Your Guests

Your guest have come to see – you! Friends, aunts and uncles, grandparents. It’s just right that they are acknowledged by a chat or hug.

Rarely is there a receiving line anymore. This is where everyone in the wedding party, plus both sets of parents stand in a line. Guests will then walk down the line to great everyone. This usually happens right after the ceremony.

There are lots of ideas now to use if you want to forgo the formal receiving line. Check out these ideas – 5 Modern Alternatives To The Traditional Receiving Line

The Weather

Weather can be so unpredictable! But here at the Ridge we are prepared for inclement weather (unpleasantly cold or wet :). We have a covered area, patio heaters and a layout that works with the DJ, caterers, dessert and of course the bar area.

I always tell my sweet brides, and their families that they need to be prepared for a change of plan if the weather decides to act up. I have some stories to tell about weather changes. Be sure and ask when you come for that tour! ?

Now you know 6 things wedding guests care about. You can plan with certainty everyone will have a blast!

The Six Things Your Wedding Guests Actually Care About

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  1. Cari Whitcomb says:

    We have been preparing to open for a while now, but I have been researching for years… I read and pin and study. I find I always come back to your book, your blog and website… thank you for sharing so much and being so truthful with the good and not so good! Your encouragement is so helpful! We are not perfect, but opening soon anyway and looking forward to the growth that will come as the years go by!
    God Bless your venue and family !
    Cari~ The RedBird Wedding & Event venue (coming soon❤️)

  2. Awe Cari! You have blessed me today. ? Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to share. There is no perfect, trust me, lol! You’ve got this Cari.
    Teri 🙂

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