7 Ideas for a Beautiful Cinderella Wedding Theme

Have you dreamed of a fairytale-like wedding for years? From the pumpkin carriage to the glass slipper, the story of Cinderella offers exquisite ideas for a dream wedding day.

It’s your turn to be a princess on this occasion, and we have some great suggestions to help create your perfect event. Please enjoy these seven ideas for a beautiful Cinderella wedding theme.

7 Ideas for a Beautiful Cinderella Wedding Theme

1. Ballgown Dress

If you want to be royalty for the day, start with a beautiful Cinderella ballgown dress. These usually include sparkles, tulle, and a large skirt with many layers. When you wear a dress like this, people will immediately think of princesses, and it’s a classic look that will never become unpopular.

2. Tiara

A princess needs her crown. Adding a tiara to your ensemble will elevate the look and give it tons of exquisite detail. You can find tiaras anywhere, but an excellent place to start is with these ideas on Etsy. You can go very simple or very elaborate with this, but it’s best to choose a tiara that compliments your dress well. If your gown is very detailed, opt for a simple headpiece. However, if you’ve chosen a more classic outfit, you can pull off an elaborate crown.

3. Glass slippers

Glass slippers aren’t as challenging to come by as they were in the story! Due to this princess’s popularity, many versions of the “Cinderella shoe” exist out there. Check out these on Amazon (this is an affiliate link) to get started. It will complete the bridal look.

4. Wedding Colors

The soft blue and white that’s associated with Cinderella is an excellent color combination for a wedding. It will immediately help guests to understand the theme, but it’s also pretty and versatile. Other hues to add include silver, grey, and royal blue.

5. Wands as Guest Favors

You can make your own Cinderella wands to delight your guests. They’re great for photo ops or just for fun, and they make a unique souvenir.

6. Sequins and Pearls

Be sure to add elegant, fancy touches to your wedding venue to invoke the Cinderella theme. You might try adding some glitter to the centerpieces, pearls with the bouquets, or bubbles for the guests as you make your grand exit. Anything to make your guests feel that they’re attending a royal affair.

7. A Cake Fit for Royalty

A tall and elegant cake will set the scene for sure. A classic white cake with blue trim can work well, but you can opt for any other color that fits your event. You might also add some lovely cake centerpieces such as a carriage, glass slipper, or flowers.

To Wrap Up

With a bit of imagination, your Cinderella wedding dreams can be a reality. At Denison Ridge, we have multiple options depending on what type of event you’d like. We have the perfect thing for every couple, and every price, at our venue. To find out more about what we offer at Denison Ridge, check out our wedding packages.

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