How to Overcome the " it's Not Perfect Yet" feelings of Launching a Wedding Business

Anyone who is starting a new business will have a lot of adjustments and changes to implement. How to solve the – but it’s not perfect yet – phrase you’ll be telling yourself, will need to be addressed. Ask me how I know this!!

Some projects will be have too’s, and will be very important to the beginning of your business. But, sometimes good enough, is better than perfect, when dealing with other projects.

So, how will you solve the – it’s not perfect yet- syndrome? This one phrase holds people back from ever starting their dream, and that is a shame. I hope to shine some light on this topic; things I have learned in my 8 years of running a wedding venue on our property.

What’s the issue:

Determine what the real issue is. We tend to do certain things when faced with a hard decision or issue. Fear takes over or we categorize things as too scary and just try to ignore them. Working yourself up into a frenzy often happens too!

We think we have to have the right answer, right now. There will always be situations to work through. What’s the real issue, name it so it can be worked on.

Why is this an issue:

Most of the time the – but it’s not perfect yet – issue comes from, dare I say it, pride. We need to get over ourselves. I mentioned this earlier, good enough is better than perfect. If running a business is your goal, address the why that is holding things up and get moving.

This is not a life and death situation (or I hope it’s not :). I tell myself all the time – you can fix anything. Hubby Les and I have fixed many things. But you have to have something in place for awhile to even know if it needs a tune up or fixing.

List possible solutions:

Now this can get tricky! It’s not just me who makes decisions around our venue, my husband Les gets a say in things too, of course. A discussion will be necessary. This could even be a heated discussion. I’ll remind you that we are both first borns.



Firstborns rule.

If you are a firstborn, you were the family guinea pig for parenting techniques. You were the first child to eat dead ladybugs, walk, plunge into puberty and drive. With the spotlight of parental expectations on you, is it any wonder you’re a perfectionist?

Firstborns are well-organized list makers and leaders with lots of practice. (They were held responsible for their siblings). And, take life seriously, feeling the pressure to be better and do better. They crave details and are often critical of themselves and others. Take firstborn qualities and supercharge them, and you’ve got the only child.

I try to remind myself, and I remind hubby too, lol, ?‍♀️ that sometimes it’s not about what we want, it’s what’s best for the venue. Make that list of solutions!

Best solution:

A great solution usually pops to the front of the list after a good discussion has taken place. If it doesn’t, I usually ask for more time to think things over. Walking away has served me well in the past.

Under pressure is no time to make a decision. However, a decision will need to be made, knowing that it will be tweaked in the future. Keep moving forward! It will be scary, and take courage. I love the quote by Mark Twain-

“Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain. “

What is the plan:

Okay, you have talked through the issue, and you have decided on the best course of action to take. How are you going to finish up or complete what’s been holding you up? Make the plan, work the plan. Get it on the calendar today, and don’t forget the to give it an end date.

You’ve made the decision, there is nothing in your way now. Do. Not. let yourself get sidetracked! It’s your responsibility to make it happen.

Just do it:

“But it’s not perfect yet” well, as we have been discussing, it doesn’t have to be. Can you be okay with that? Only you can decide sweet friend. Will you continue to second guess yourself or will you go for it?

I know you will go for it. Why? Because you have a dream, you want this really bad. The longer you wait, keep stalling out, listening to the lie in your head – but it’s not perfect yet – you will be miserable. Just do it. Get my eBook, you are not alone in this journey.


OMGoodness! Does it feel good to be accomplished? I find that the more hard things you do the easier it gets to do other hard things. Why? Because you lived through it, you learned something, you acquired a bit more courage, didn’t you?!

Will things need tweaked? Maybe, but I know you can take care of it. I believe in you… will you believe in you?

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