A Perfect Wedding Day

A Perfect Wedding Day
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After months of wedding planing the big day will be staring you right in the face.  You could be a nervous wreck. It’s very normal for you to be worried that something could go wrong at the last minute with your reception or that you will not look “perfect” when you walk down the aisle.

Reception fears are fairly easy to handle. While you might consider your reception to be an important part of your entire wedding, in reality, it’s a fancy party. What makes a party successful?

Plenty of food and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for the duration of your reception will sooth your anxiety some. People will sometimes get testy and start leaving parties early if the food and drink are slow to arrive or not abundant, sad but true.


If children are part of your guest list, make sure that you have a good assortment of finger foods and soft drinks. Ice cream in cups might be a good idea too, if you have a place to keep it frozen before it’s needed.

There will be times when your guests are just marking time.  Waiting for you and your new husband to finish with the wedding photo shoot after the ceremony. You might be changing clothes before leaving for your honeymoon. You could need “entertainment” to keep them from being bored and getting restless. There’s quite a few easy ways to do this.


Besides the band or disk jockey providing music, have members of your wedding party or families get the guests involved in quiet activities while they are snacking and waiting. Simple games are a good option. Have small tablets and pencils at each place setting or table and have your helper ask everyone to write down their favorite crazy thing either one of you did when you were kids or adults. Then ask for volunteers to read what they wrote. This can actually be “very” entertaining!!

Another option is to ask them to write down all the details they know about each one of you, like where you met, when you first kissed, favorite music, sports, etc. As before, go around the room for a reading. Do get this on video so the absent couple will get to see it at a later time.

This is probably a no brainer, but make sure you use waterproof makeup on your wedding day! Tears of “joy” are very common and waterproof makeup, particularly mascara, will keep your face looking beautiful. If you should shed a few tears, don’t wipe your eyes, dab them at the corners with a tissue. Before the ceremony, tuck a tissue in your bouquet or make sure the groom has one handy in case you, or he, needs it.

Your wedding should be as beautiful as you want it to be with some “advance” planning for the unexpected.

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