Another Excuse, or Action - Reach Your Venue Goals

Are you creating another excuse for not moving forward? Does fear of this or that keep you up at night, and crowd your thoughts during the day? Is there yet another excuse phrase slipping out of your mouth? Are you playing at this dream or are you serious and ready to act?

I’m not placing blame here. I have, and still do, become an excuse maker at times. But you know, and I know, that gets us nowhere. We end up anxious, depressed, and frankly a downer to those we love.

So, what is the secret? Action, that is the only way to move forward. Will you choose to take an action or wallow in the – another excuse – category? Should I share some of the excuses I hear every week? Yep, here it goes…

I can’t afford to do it like I want to

I bet there is an option that would work, and work just fine, until you can do it like you want to. Please don’t play the woe is me card. Change it up, make it work.

Action Step: What is plan B until I can get back to plan A? Write down some ideas and quit arguing with yourself and others about how it won’t work. This is a pet peeve of mine!

Never tell me what I can’t do. Tell me what I can do. It’s that simple, find the work around.

What if the county won’t let me have the permit

You won’t know until you get up the nerve to ask. Yes, it’s scary. I cried when I got back into the car from our county appointment, and my husband had done most to the talking. However, you do not want to start this project without the proper permits, they can, and will, shut you down.

Action Step: Make the appointment today. Have your plan ready to show to the county, not to detailed yet. They will want to know about noise control, garbage removal, restroom considerations, parking areas, and safety (swimming pools, lakes, cliffs, etc.).

If they say no, be sure and get the reasons why, is there a way to make everyone happy? Be kind, and considerate, always.

Should I hold out for my regular price, and possibly not book that date at all, or rent at a discount and get something/anything?

Do the pros and cons of each scenario. There is always the possibility of getting nothing. But if you decide to discount, you could gain experience, meet vendors in your area, and get photographs to use in marketing your new venue, etc.

However, you need to be okay with your answer you have chosen, even if a better deal might have come along.

Action Step: Attitude is everything. Decide right now, don’t put it off. The longer you pine over the decision, the more the emotional drain continues.

What if no one comes

Have you done some market research for your area in the wedding venue industry? Ask around to friends, other venues if they will share, other vendors that work in your industry. Caterers, DJ’s, even cake and dessert shops. What is their take on things? How about a real-estate agent?

Action Step: Talk to one of the above suggested vendors today. Make a quick list of questions and start calling or make a personal visit.

I don’t know how to manage the social media side of things

You won’t know how until you start. Pick the platforms you like, and where your clients will find you. It will be trial and error for awhile, that’s okay. Learning is taking place. This doesn’t have to be a big issue.

You’ll get a schedule down and it will take a few minutes every morning to tackle. Can you get fancy, and creative? Of course, but learn the basics first.

Action Step: Learn it! Hire a teenager to help, they are always looking to make extra money and they know their stuff, lol!

I don’t know how to set up my website and maintain it

Do not spend a huge amount of money on this! Usually a friend or college student could help you. Once it’s set up it’s mostly adding new photos from time to time, unless you are a blogger too.

I have run my own website for years. Yes, my husband helps me when I get stuck. I’m truly thankful my husband is so willing to help. It takes us both, trust me.

Action Step: Pick your host company, and theme, and get started. My resource page has some suggestions. The website will be a work in progress for a while, that is okay. I can’t even remember how many times I have changed my website up over the years.

You can always tweak things in the off season. Careful: If someone else creates the website, will you be able to maintain it, or always be dependent on someone else to fix or change things?

No more excuses! Taking action now will get you to your goal faster. Take out the calendar, set dates for at least one thing that is challenging every week, or day if you want. Stop procrastinating, remember our word is Action!

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