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Arm Candy for Bridesmaid Gifts

If I had to do it over again, arm candy for bridesmaid gifts would have been a given! I remember as a bride, searching for the perfect bridesmaid gifts, to give to my very best friends. And, it was no easy task.

I wanted something they would use, love, and that would serve as a tangible memory of that special day, for years to come. I wanted it to make them feel adored, special and irreplaceable. Because to me, they were.

Arm Candy for Bridesmaid Gifts

These were the girls I grew up with. That I worked beside in our small town coffee shop, and even went to school with. Two happen to be my sisters, and there is no bond as strong as that.

Finding that perfect bridesmaid gift, that checked all the right boxes, was hard!

Gifts are special

Have you ever heard of the phrase “It’s the thought that counts?” It’s pretty sweet to be thought of isn’t it?

Those short calls or texts from friends that just wanted to – check-in, or let you know they were thinking of you.

Arm Candy for Bridesmaid Gifts

Gifts can offer the same sweet feelings. The, I didn’t have to – but I wanted to, gift. The – this made me think of you, gift. The – just to say thank you, gift. 

All of these sentiments are wrapped in warmth, sweetness, and serve to remind us of that feeling again, and again, and again. The gift reminds us to pause, and remember.

What did I end up getting for bridesmaid gifts?

Honestly, It was so long ago I don’t remember. I remember there was a beauty mirror in the mix of gifts I picked out though.

As a boutique owner, I think about this all the time. Gifts are special, and meant for special people. Are you searching for that special bridesmaid gift? Might I offer a suggestion?

Arm Candy for Bridesmaid Gifts

I package these beaded arm candy beauties as an all inclusive gift. Each bracelet comes with:

  • A muslin baggy 
  • A care card 
  • A coupon for future fun jewelry purchases from my boutique and
  • A tag that allows you to write a small and meaningful message to your best friends!

The best part of this bracelet selection is the many different designs, and colors there are to choose from. No girl is the same, and style varies for everyone.

This arm candy will be a special reminder of the wedding day, and worn for future enjoyment. The best part of giving this gift? Is letting your bridesmaids’ know they are special.

Lesly was born and raised in the pacific northwest. She loves creating beautiful gifts that are full of meaning, and beauty. Her dream to spread encouragement, and beauty wherever she goes! Find her at Lesly Birkland Boutique or on Instagram.

Arm Candy for Bridesmaid Gifts

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