How to Ask for Cash Instead of Gifts

By Taylor Oddino

How can you ask for cash tastefully? It’s traditional to give a pretty wrapped gift at a wedding, but many couples would rather have cash to spend on their honeymoon or put a down payment on a house. So couples – here’s how to ask for cash tastefully!

How to Ask for Cash Instead of Gifts
Photo By: Julian Wylegly via Flickr – Some Rights Reserved – Creative Commons License



  • Create an Account

Start by setting up an account where guests can deposit money. Something like the site Honeyfund can really be helpful. You can share the link on your wedding’s website, Facebook page or on the invitation itself. People will get the message that you want cash when you already have an account set up!

  • Word Choice

Remember that how you word your desire for cash is crucial. Be tasteful and always grateful: “While we don’t expect gifts, and we would appreciate anything you would like to give us, we could really use cash right now for a down payment on our new home!” Ensure that you show appreciation no matter what. Also ensure that you phrase it so it gives the guest a choice. “We would like cash in lieu of presents.” That’s too aggressive!

  • Registry

It’s a good idea to still register somewhere. There will be traditional guests, like Grandma June, who insist on getting you a wrapped gift. You can create a small registry somewhere. Think off the wall too – you don’t have to register somewhere basic, like Macy’s or J.C. Penny. If you want some landscaping for your new home, consider Lowe’s or Home Depot. If you and your significant other are biking lovers, consider a recreation or outdoors store (REI anyone?).

On a last note, remember that the true gift you want is a loved one’s presence. What matters most is that your beloved friends and family are there to celebrate your special day. Make their presence the number one thing on your wish list!

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