Need to Know: Ball Gown Wedding Dress

By Taylor Oddino


Goodness you guys – are all the different styles of wedding dresses out there exciting, or what?! So many to choose from… SO many! It can get overwhelming pretty quickly, so I thought I would try to simplify it for you. Last week we gave you the lowdown on the Mermaid Wedding Dress. This week we’re moving along to the Ball Gown Wedding Dress. So take a look at these ideas that you need to know and learn lots about the Ball Gown Wedding Dress!

Need to Know: Ball Gown Wedding Dress


  • What is the Ball Gown Wedding Dress?

The ball gown wedding dress typically has a formfitting upper portion. The dress wraps around your chest and abdomen to show off your feminine upper body. Then the dress begins to flare outward somewhere around your hips. The dress flares out and down creating that classic, curved gown shape. The skirts are usually very full.

  • What body type is best suited for the Ball Gown Wedding Dress?

I truly think all women are gorgeous! I think that if you want a particular type of dress, then girl, you go for it! That being said, if you’re concerned about what dress is best suited for your body type, consider a few things before choosing the ball gown wedding dress. This dress is well suited for a variety of body shapes. The form-fitting upper portion flatters any body type, especially if you love your waistline. A benefit of the ball gown wedding dress is that it begins to extend outward somewhere near the hips, so if your hips or butt are not your favorite thing about your body, this dress could be a great way for you to draw attention toward your bust and waist.

  • Consider the weather before choosing the Ball Gown Wedding Dress.

One thing about the ball gown wedding dress – it’s a whole lot of dress! The skirt portion is usually made with a lot of material, such as tulle. It’s a whole lot of skirt. This can be quite hot! This dress would be best suited for an indoor wedding, or a spring/fall/winter wedding. Summer in a dress that heavy would not be fun! It’s also important to note that if getting down on the dance floor is your plan, this might not be the best dress for you. It’s typically a heavy dress that can in some ways limit your mobility.

  • Consider the degree of formality before choosing the Ball Gown Wedding Dress.

Ball gown wedding dresses are so beautiful you guys! They really are the princess gowns. The form-fitting, sexy top with the flowing, elegant skirt is so perfectly paired. You will truly feel like the belle of the ball! This dress definitely does have the reputation of elegance and formality. Consider this as your wedding takes shape. If you’re having a laid back wedding in your backyard with less than 100 people – your stunning, fit-for-Versailles dress might be a little out of place (but like we said earlier – at the end of the day, choose the dress that makes YOU happy!). Just be aware that this dress sets a tone of formality (you don’t want your guests to feel underdressed!).


We hope this helps you come to a decision on whether the ball gown wedding dress is right for you. Share your knowledge with others about the ball gown wedding dress in the comments below. Be on the look out for our next spotlight on a different style of wedding dress!

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