How to Capture All the Memories of Your Big Day

By Roxana Oliver

How to Capture All the Memories of Your Big Day

A wedding day is the biggest event of your life, so everything has to be flawless. Starting from the venue, to your wedding gown, and of course the wedding photos. Your wedding album is a priceless collection of unforgettable moments from the happiest day of your life and it should be filled with exquisite photos. However, if you want to end up with only the best-captured moments from your wedding, you should consider some of the following tips.

Book a Professional Photographer

How to Capture All the Memories of Your Big Day

Today, many people believe they can make great pictures just because they have thousands of likes on their Instagram profiles, so they decide to practice photography. Truth be told, many talented people never needed to take a course in photography in order to capture perfect moments, but a professional is still the safest choice. Therefore, if you want only the best of the best, look for a professional photographer who has plenty of experience in their field of work.

Do Your Research

Asking your friends who have already gotten married if they can recommend a good photographer is always a good idea. What’s more, be sure to check a photographer’s previous work so you know if they’re good at their job, and if they’ve practiced photography for a long time or not. Looking for a photographer online will give you an insight into their work. The better shots they make, the more expensive they’ll be, but you’re not getting married every day, right? Therefore, if you’re not on a budget, feel free to look for an exquisite photographer who’ll take wonderful pictures you’ll be happy to look at even after 30 years.

Good Light is Essential

Many couples tend to forget about the essential part of a fabulous photo ‒ lighting. Namely, experts from Perfect Moment say that lighting is going to determine the look of your photos. A photo won’t look the same if a photograph takes it in natural daylight, or with a camera flash in a dim lit ballroom.  Therefore, if you want your wedding pictures to be pitch-perfect, consider having your ceremony during daylight hours, and take most of the photos during the golden hour.

How to Capture All the Memories of Your Big Day

Listen to the Photographer

No matter what you think is flattering, a photographer will know better. Therefore, be sure to listen to them when they say where and how to stand or smile. They’ve been doing the job forever, so their opinion is valid for sure. Don’t try to tell them how to do their job, just because you may think a shot would look perfect. Photography is very complex, so everything from angles to lighting and background must be taken into consideration if you want to perfectly capture your important moments.

Have a Test Shoot

A test shoot can help you a lot when deciding which photographer you’d like to hire. What’s more, if they offer an engagement shoot, feel free to accept it and see for yourself how you’ll look on the pictures. Additionally, that will be a perfect opportunity for you to see which poses are good for you and which are unflattering. Some people don’t know how to act in front of the camera, so they put on too big a smile, or they can’t stop blinking and squinting. A test shoot would allow you to fix all those mistakes.

How to Capture All the Memories of Your Big Day

Final Thoughts

A wedding album is one of the most precious memories you’ll have in your life. Therefore, you deserve to have a photographer who’ll be able to capture all the precious moments of your big day. If you ever get in doubt how to get the amazing shots of your wedding day, just follow the previous suggestions and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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