Ceremony Backdrop

Is the ceremony back drop important? Um… yes! At Denison Ridge we have a pergola that can be decorated in many ways. The venue has a basket of different fabrics (at no extra cost) for our sweet brides to use, and of course everyone is welcome to bring in their own décor also.

Ceremony Backdrop

The ceremony backdrop is such a delightful way to get creative and express the atmosphere of the wedding. This backdrop can be kept simple, be dramatic, colorful, the options are truly many.

Full attention will be on the backdrop before the ceremony.  Everyone will be waiting in anticipation of the bride coming down the aisle.

I just love getting to watch the bride and her escort walking down the aisle! I hide out of site and watch as the bride is presented. This will be our secret okay?

It just gives me goosebumps when she is the last one waiting to descend down the path as everyone turns to look at her stunning beauty! It really is magical.

Off Topic?

Did I just get off topic? Oh yes, the ceremony backdrop. Here at the Ridge we have a covered area. We are just starting our seventh year in business and have not yet “had” to do the ceremony in the barn.

Sometimes the guests have to wait in the barn for a few minutes for the rain to let up but then everything goes on as normal. Someday however, I’m sure the ceremony will need to take place inside or, someone just might want the ceremony inside.

I have created a Pinterest board Wedding Door/Pergola Ideas that might be of interest. I was trying to think ahead so I decided to add some ceremony ideas that would work in the barn too. I’ve also included some lighted options if someone ever wanted to do an evening ceremony. 

Have fun with your ceremony backdrop and remember it will be in lots of beautiful photos.

Want more? For helpful information and to access the eBook “How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue – In Your Own Backyard” check out the Denison Ridge Shop.

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