Death to my Clematis

My beautiful clematis that has adorned my ceremony pergola for the last few years is – DEAD.

Death to my Clematis

Last year in September it looked like the photo below. It took three years to grow, mature and take over the pergola. It’s been a sad spring where flowers are concerned.


I lost a lot of my butterfly bush plants too. It was just too cold with no snow to insulate them. Such is life in the world of outside gardening, but it still makes me sad.

Death to my Clematis

I have planted two new clematis and they are trying to climb those poles, but they will need a few years to mature. There will have to be an alternative to the clematis backdrop for weddings at the Ridge this year.

Something new

I know talented brides will not be deterred by what I call, a set back. Brides are very savvy in the décor department. Most are Pinterest fans so it wont be hard for them to come up with something stunning!

For some great ideas be sure and check out my – Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Backdrops / Wedding Aisle over on the Pinterest Board.

Death to my Clematis

Teri, who is sad but moving forward!  : )

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