Crafty “Can” Save You Cash

One of the best ways for you to cut wedding costs is to get crafty and create some of your own decorations, centerpieces, favors and gifts. It’s important though, to pick and choose what projects you decide to take on.

Crafty "Can" Save You Cash

Trying to do too much just might drive the bride and her helpers crazy! Better to not over complicate things, even if it means shelling out a little extra cash to vendors or delegating some of the responsibilities to family or friends. Check out these ideas if you’re a mad crafter:

Create Your Own Floral Decorations:

Those who enjoy floral arts may want to make their own decorations for the ceremony. Not only is it often cheaper to create your own centerpieces, floral arrangements, and corsages, also, when you create your own decorations you can customize them so that the flowers perfectly match your wedding colors.

Create Your Own Centerpieces:

The cost of centerpieces can quickly add up, especially for couples who invite a lot of guests. The more people a couple invites to their reception, the more tables they will need and the more centerpieces they will have to either make or purchase.

If you can create your own centerpieces, you can save a lot of money. Centerpieces do NOT have to be flowers; they can be natural objects, candles, or the favors you hand out. Amazon (this is an affiliate link) has a lot of craft supplies

Make Your Own Wedding Favors, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts:

Making your own wedding favors, bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts can save you cash and also provide a personal touch to what is often an impersonal gift. Scrapbooks, small gift items such as journals, and other decorative items can all be much more meaningful (and less expensive) than a store-bought gift.

Make Your Own Table Linens:

While most brides wouldn’t want to take this on, you might want to make the big square that would cover the round linen. This can add color to your table, and dress up your reception. Napkins can also add beauty and are easy to make.

If you decide to use your own crafting skills, chose the ones that mean the most to you, the ones you can accomplish in the time allotted. Crafting for your own wedding can become extremely stressful, and you don’t want that to happen! Keep it fun.

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