Debt Monster…

My daughters wedding could have put us into debt big time if we had not decided before hand this would not happen. It took diligence to make sure we did not get sucked into the norm of, “It’s my day I can spend whatever I want.”

Debt Monster...

Really my friends, don’t you hate it when you have been drawn into what someone else thinks you should do or have or should spend?  We dreamed big and then found ways to get what  we wanted; this  meant borrowing, building, searching, and putting the word out so our friends could help. So many wonderful things happened because of our persistence and being faithful to our goal of doing the wedding inexpensively.

Doing things last minute…

I’d like to mentioned that time (doing things last minute, no good deals) and being tired (just buy it, I want to get home) are deal breakers. Ask me how I know this… when it happens, don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes you’ll just need to step back and go over the plan again. Am I on track? If not, why not?

Debt Monster...

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being in debt. In our 26 years of marriage we have been out of debt, except our house, two times. And it lasted about three months, or until a crisis hit.

We have been able to keep the debt manageable…. but this wedding could have really put us over the edge; I just could not let this happen again. My husband works very hard for his dollars and as a single income family, I take my job of running the household very seriously.

Wise decisions

I have to make very wise decisions with our cash if I want to keep that debt monster at bay. And truly at bay isn’t good enough for me – I want it gone! I purposed – with God’s help – to be wise in our wedding adventure.

How will you handle, “It’s my day?”

My daughter has been married for eight years now! Where does the time go? Two years later our second daughter was marred in our backyard also. The debt monster continued to plague us so we started a wedding venue on our property. Are you interested in starting your own Backyard wedding venue click the banner.

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