Denison Ridge… Good Morning Moose

My 12 year old son Jaryd left the house the other morning carrying his gallon of honey bee, sugar water. Jaryd is starting a honey business and in the spring he feeds them sugar water until there is enough pollen for the bees to eat.

Denison Ridge... Good Morning Moose

As he was headed down the hill toward the bee hive he noticed something moving out of the corner of his eye. As he turned to look at what it was he got a big surprise! A moose, and it was staring right at him. The moose proceeded to give a big snort ( Jaryd’s words).

Jaryd then set down his gallon of sugar water (very surprised he just didn’t drop it) and started to run to the house. That is when Les (my husband) and I saw our son running faster than we had ever seen him go (they joke on his little league baseball team because Jaryd moves so slow around those bases).

What would make our son want to move that fast? As we started scanning the yard we found out! Whoa…

Well, Jaryd made it safely to the house and our moose hung around for about half an hour. He then went across the road to the Christmas tree farm. That was the first time for a moose on our property, it was a very fun morning.

Teri, who loved the morning surprise! :~)

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