Undecided about how engagement party etiquette applies? We’ve got you covered.

Engagement Party Etiquette

Getting engaged is a special time for the happy couple. While you’re excited about the future, there are also many events leading up to the big day that requires the know-how to plan and execute. If you’re feeling confused about engagement party etiquette, here are some answers to some of the most asked questions.

Who Hosts the Engagement Party?

Anyone can host an engagement party, be it a co-worker, friend, or relative. However, traditionally, the bride’s parents are given the privilege of hosting if they want to.

You can follow this rule, or perhaps you and your fiance will decide to host the party yourselves, or even have someone in the wedding party help out. As long as everyone is clear on their roles with the event, feel free to proceed as you’d like.

Who to Invite

Again, there are not many rules for who gets invited. The parents and immediate family of both the bride and groom are an obvious place to start, though. Since they are likely a big part of your lives, it makes sense that they get to celebrate with you.

Beyond this, ensure that those invited are also invited to the wedding – unless you’re eloping or having a minimal ceremony.

Presents or no Presents?

At a wedding, presents are generally expected. Not so with engagement parties. Since this day’s focus is to bring everyone together to share in the happy couple’s joy, that’s where the focus should be.

But if someone wants to bring something, that’s not a problem. Ensure your registry is available with options for them to choose from, but don’t ask for presents or give information about it unless asked.

Formality Level and Theme

The theme, decor, and formality level should all be a reflection of you as a couple. Etiquette doesn’t dictate how fancy the event must be. Meaning you can host a formal celebration, or you can keep things casual if you like.

Be sure that guests know what to expect by telling them in advance what to wear. For the couple, your outfit choice is entirely yours. But make sure to match the formality level you’ve chosen.

Invites and Thank You’s

The only real rule – you must send invites of some kind, be it Evites, paper invitations, or text messages. This is to get information from the guests—things like how many people to expect, for the food and beverage count. Send any invitation you want, keeping in mind how much time you have and how formal or casual the party is.

For thank you notes, be sure to send them to anyone who gives you a present. Not only is it good manners, it lets people know you care.

That’s It!

Your engagement party is all about you and your families and friends getting together to celebrate. Try to host this party shortly after your engagement and before the wedding planning gets going.

As long as you are clear on who’s hosting and remember invitations and thank you notes, the rest will easily fall into place.

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