Five Benefits of Owning a Backyard Wedding Venue

There are way more than five benefits of owning your own backyard wedding venue.  Today though,  I’d like to tackle five.

Teaching children responsibility:

We have four children, by the time we decided to start the Denison Ridge wedding venue there were two left at home to help us.  We pay them once a month and there is a set amount for each wedding.  This amount includes things that are done during the weeks leading up to wedding season also. Our children have been responsible for many tasks. Tasks like; Lawn mowing, raking leaves, moving venue furniture, cleaning venue furniture, working at the bridal fair booth, yard work and anything else we need help with. They have learned to not grumble and do a good job.

The creative side:

Being creative just goes with owning a wedding venue, right?! There are center pieces to gather, chalkboards to make, flower gardens to plant and maintain, ceremony backdrops, sitting areas, photo areas, bridal and groomsman’s rooms to maintain, and all the other decor options you will want to provide. You can get as creative as you want too.


Please be sure and ask your accountant about all the deduction details, this was really an eye opener for me. Track everything you use for the venue; Gas and mileage, lawnmower expenses, pest control, fertilizer, decor items, garbage removal, printing cost, stamps and the list goes on. Be sure you know the rules and follow them.


Who doesn’t want to make extra income? We are using ours to pay the mortgage off on our house. It is a must to pay the house off if we want to retire.  Many of my friends in the industry have different reasons; Children’s education or children’s braces, old school loans, car loans, pay of debt, etc. Maybe, so you can just take a vacation every year or build up the savings.

Encourages Community:

I’ll be honest here and just say I’m pretty much of a home body. Working in my yard keeps me busy, plus living on 20 acres I can come up with new projects daily. I’m always telling my husband that I have a new idea; he doesn’t like to hear these words from me anymore! Back to the topic… I have had to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. Actually, I enjoy hearing about other people’s journeys. I have met DJ’s, Caterers, Cake makers, Photo booth operators, and of course when you do a bridal fair many excited brides.

What home business benefits are you looking forward too?

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  1. I look foward to continuing a legacy of “hospitality” and tapping into my creative side for each event

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