5 Frustrations of a Wedding Venue Start-Up

5 Frustrations of a Wedding Venue Start-Up

Frustration and wedding venue start-up go hand in hand. Isn’t that the way it is with most beginnings though? It starts with a great idea.  On paper it looks really good. Soon enough the labor starts and guess what? Yep, things are not happening as planned, what to do.

Creating something new, or adding to something that is already established, takes perseverance and a lot of determination. In life, rarely does anything happen exactly like we want it to, without a few detours or adjustments.

I’m going to guess that attitude about our circumstances determines frustration levels. This is the story of my life! I know what I want and I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to “just do it”. Can you see what’s wrong here, lol? There are somethings “I” just can’t do by myself. Dang it anyway!!

And really, truthfully, I don’t want too. Even so, many times I feel backed into a corner with no way out and no options, so frustration mounts.

Let’s look at 5 frustrations that might occur during a wedding venue start-up and what we can do about them.

Where will I get the funds?

This is a matter of great discussion between spouses or business partners. There is an abundance of money advice all over the internet if you want to research it. To sum it up, cut expenses, sell things, or pick up another job to supplement the income.

Of course there is always a loan from the bank, friends or family. My choice would not be to go into debt, or borrow for this project. You can start small and add things as the business grows and money increases. Crystal Paine and Christy Wright speak a great deal on this subject and I highly recommend them both.

Crystal Paine – moneysavingmom.com

Christy Wright – businessboutigue.com

Where do I start?

Starting a wedding venue is very exciting! There are photo areas to plan, linen issues to decide on, where will the groom hang out with his guys and the bride with her girls? What about the restroom situation, tables and chairs. Will I need a sprinkler system and what about electricity for lights and DJ?

Having a plan in place will alleviate the stress that comes with “where do I start”.  This list needs to be very thorough. Break it down!! This must be doable in the amount of time that you have allotted yourself.

How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue – In Your Own Backyard

My skills are limited.

A lot of different skill sets are needed when creating a venue. My husband is very handy and usually can make or fix anything I ask him too. This is the thing though; he does not shy away from things he doesn’t know how to do, and neither do I.

The internet is full of helpful YouTube videos, tutorials and don’t forget family and friends. Most people love to help out or show you a skill. Don’t be afraid to ask.  I have found homemade treats or tickets to the movie theater are fun thank you gifts.

Progress is too slow.

Boy do I understand this frustration!  I can turn into a “not-so-nice” person very quickly. The first clue is I don’t say anything, just pout about. Not good.

The longer I run the venue, the more I realize getting upset serves no purpose. I make everyone else feel bad and it doesn’t help get the project done any faster. Take a break and come back to it refreshed. I do some of my best re-thinking after stepping away and looking at the big picture again. Progress is happening, maybe just not as quick as I want it too. 

How to get it all done.

Many, if not all of us, have other obligations. We could be moms of small children, home-school or have day jobs, things that are important and take first priority. For us this meant we worked on weekends or took stay-cations.

In the venue planning stages you must take everything into account and create a schedule that will work for everyone. Be sure and build in some margin. Things will happen and if your schedule is not too tight, it will just be a bump in the road and not a sink hole!

Starting a wedding venue will mean sacrifices; but our spouse and children do not fall into the sacrifice category! I know from experience sometimes you just want to scream “you’re not helping”!! Yikes, probably time to take a break and rethink some things.

Next time you feel frustrated about funds, how to start, skills you might lack, slow progress, or how to get it all done – sit down with your cohorts and talk things out. Getting on the same page is sure to keep things in perspective.

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