By Taylor Oddino

Great Skin on Your Wedding Day

Great skin – You know that your alarm is supposed to go off any minute, but let’s face it: you’ve been wide-awake for almost an hour now. When your phone does finally start buzzing, you click the off button and hop out of bed. Today’s the day!

It’s your wedding day. Your bridesmaids and the hairdresser will arrive in half an hour, so it’s time to get the coffee brewing and hop in the shower. You walk over to the mirror as you’re sending an excited “IT’S OUR WEDDING DAY” text to the future hubs. Just as you hit send you look up into the mirror and – What is that?! Yes my friends, there’s a giant zit on your forehead.

So what’s the secret? How can you have great looking skin on your wedding day? Before I offer you my tips, do remember that I am not a doctor. Ask your medical professional, such as a dermatologist, for the best course of action to have healthy skin on your wedding day; and ask a skincare professional before taking any of the courses of action recommended in this blog post.

I am seeing a doctor for my skin: Dr. Gwyneth Blattau Gay, M.D. of Rejuvenate Rx, a medical spa in Spokane, Washington. She is fabulous – thank you Dr. Gwyn! I really would suggest seeing a doctor because he/she can offer you specialized treatment for any skin type.

But the one thing that I think can help a lot of you out there is the Clarisonic electronic, vibrating cleansing brushes. The Clarisonic line of facial cleansing brushes is awesome! They have a wide variety of products for your facial cleansing needs. I recently bought the Clarisonic Mia 2. It’s a life changer!

I’ve been using the Mia 2 for about two weeks now and a prescription face cleanser for three weeks. In three short weeks my skin has become so much healthier! I’ve struggled with a range of issues from flakiness, to acne, to dry skin, so I’m happy to have healthier skin now.

One tip: if you’re going to try the Clarisonic, make sure you purchase the correct brush head. You can change out the brush head depending on your needs (you can also change out the brush head every couple of months – which is awesome because then it’s like you’re getting a whole new product every few months!). I have the acne brush head. It’s a little bit softer than some of the others so it doesn’t irritate my breakout areas. Your doctor can help you with what brush head to buy.

I got my Clarisonic on sale for $99 online. It’s a little pricy, but for me it’s so worth the investment.

I’ve also recently learned the importance of moisturizing. I’ve been using Cetaphil lotion that I bought at the grocery store and that has been working great. I have also been using the Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 cream from Skinceuticals. It’s pretty pricy, but to me it’s worth it to have healthy skin. Skinceuticals has a variety of other great products too. See an official Skinceuticals professional to see what products could benefit you.

On a final note – wear sunscreen! Coming from a family with a history of skin cancer issues, I put sunscreen on each day. I love the Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 from Skinceuticals. It goes on so light and has a fantastic, non-greasy texture.

To wrap it all up: I am not a skincare professional, so I truly do advise seeing a skincare professional for help with whatever your skin issues are. However, I really have loved the Clarisonic Mia 2. The little vibrations make your face feel oh-so-clean. Last but not least, be sure to moisturize and use sunscreen!

How do you take care of your skin? Share in the comments below!

***Disclaimer: I am not a licensed skincare professional. This advice is purely from my own experience and what has worked for me. Ask your skincare professional before taking any of the courses of action recommended in the blog post. No products listed in this post (the Clarisonic Mia 2, Cetaphil lotion or Skinceuticals products, etc.) have endorsed, sponsored or otherwise supported this post. I am receiving no compensation, monetary or otherwise, by writing this blog post. All courses of action you take in regards to skincare after reading this blog post are actions you take at your own risk and liability.

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