What’s it like to have strangers in your yard every weekend?  This question comes up a lot.  I guess it feels like walking into that party, you know, the one where everyone knows everyone, but you don’t!

What's it Like to Have Strangers in Your Yard Every Weekend?

It feels a bit uncomfortable at first. Soon enough though, either I start talking to someone or someone starts talking to me, and the uncomfortable turns into a good conversation.  Things get busy, and in the hustle and craziness of things relationships start grow.

Having a yard full of strangers every weekend in the summer was of course, an adjustment at first. Change is hard, and everyone in the family has a little different view on this subject.

You give up your time on that day to make it a special occasion for a very excited bride and her family. Providing a service to others means they get our full attention, we really try hard around here to be very accommodating, within reason of course.

I’ve learned a few things since we opened the venue that have will aid you with strangers in your yard. It could even turn acquaintances into lifelong friends.

Be Approachable

It’s so important to be pleasant and approachable. There are so many things going on during wedding day preparations. Lots of different people, in charge of different areas, needing assistance. It’s easy to get snappy or short with people if overwhelm sets in, and this is not good. Take a deep breath, and ask for help if you need too.

Be Helpful

Some wedding events will need lots of your attention, while others will be very organized and self-sufficient. Either way being helpful when asked is kind and caring. Being able to trouble shoot and think on your feet is a quality that will come in handy, and help pass the time for you as well. It’s hard for me to just do nothing, I’d rather be busy.

Be Understanding

This is a very stressful day for some of the wedding party, families, and helpers. I remember at one event the sister of the bride (wedding planner) asked me to put the tables out a certain way for the reception and then mom came by and said, “Oh no, this is not right!”. I calmly said, “Just tell us where you would like them, and we will move them around for you”.

Okay, I’m not going to lie… she was a bit scary! I have never had a bridezilla, but this mom came close. However, after the ceremony, and the reception started she was an angel!! She was just caught up, and very concentrated on how things should look, and rightly so. Give people grace.

Don’t Hover

This is such an important concept and yet might be difficult to implement. What do I mean by don’t hover? As venue owners, we of course want to see our venue taken care of, and not destroyed by uncaring wedding party or guests.

Nevertheless, we don’t want our facility to come across as creepy because everyone is being constantly watched or hovered over. Find a balance so everyone can have a good time.

To be a venue owner one must concentrate on providing a safe, fun, and welcoming environment. Remember to be approachable, helpful, understanding, and don’t be creepy by hovering too much.

It’s important to take the uncomfortable out of the scenario and let yourself enjoy every event. As I mentioned before, some strangers have become lifelong friends, and I feel very grateful that Denison Ridge had a part in that.

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