Change Your Financial Future

Anyone who wants to change their financial future knows things will have to be shaken-up, changed. I’m going to assume if the title didn’t scare you off you know how to work hard.  You want a change. Same ol’ same ol’, is not getting you anywhere? Change is hard though, what are you willing to do?

Change won’t be easy, that’s a given. It usually affects more than just your life too. Most of us are married and have children. There is negotiation to look forward too, planning, making a budget – oh yes, the dreaded budget, and truth be told many hours of time will be needed.

This scenario could be told of any new business venture but I can only address the one I know, and know personally. Starting your own wedding venue is very possible, especially if you can use your own property.

Adding Extra Income

What better way to add extra income to the budget by using land you already have. The benefits of having this business on your property will also have an impact when it comes to tax time.

Any decision to change things up will take courage and determination. It really comes down to all or nothing. Will the first setback stop you in your tracks? This business is not for the faint of heart. Once you have started to invest your money and time you won’t want to quit.

I guess what I’m trying to get at – without hurting any feelings or stepping on any toes – do you have what it takes, can you see this process through?  Only you and those involved can make the decision.  Once the decision to move forward is made you must keep going, the reward is waiting for those who finish.

What are the rewards for those who finished, the ones who own and run a working venue? Those that change their financial future?

Your property value goes up

All those landscape projects you wanted to do are now needed. There is no excuse not to do them. We added a barn, a sprinkler system, electrical outlets, pergolas, rock walls and photo areas. No, we did not do this all at once, but over time.

The materials used are considered deductions when tax time comes around. Since I had never run my own business, even though my parents always had their own business, I was clueless to the tax advantages.

You get to help others

While my husband is focused on the financial side I delight in the benefit of helping others. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he takes the financial interest. That leaves me to the business of creating relationships, which I love! I can serve my clientele better working in my area of skill.

Your financial future looks amazing

Why amazing? Because you are in the driver’s seat, you call the shots. At first it will be slow. There will be doubts.  But then something happens, you start to get recognized and sought after. You make a name for your business; you’re on your way. Some years will be slow but it ebbs and flows like most business.  All of our goals are not met yet, but things are heading in the right direction. There is hope now, and lots of it.

Your talents are put to good use

Running the venue has been a release of me – Teri, of who I am. I get to use all, and I mean all, the gifts God has bestowed upon me. Now sometimes I have to rein myself in because sweet husband can’t keep up with all my ideas.

Truth be told they usually – um, in all probability – always, require his skill and talent. ? I need you to know, that while sweet husband grumbles and complains about my projects, he is much happier when busy. And let me tell you, when someone admires his work, it makes it all worth it.

**If you would like more information on starting a Wedding Venue Business, check out my ebook “How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue- In Your Own Backyard” a guide where I share tips to help you run a successful venue, and… add that additional income to your life**

You learn to work with your spouse and family

Oh-My-Goodness! This is a good one isn’t it? We have posted about our own struggles; you can check out the post here. I believe stretching and growing in this area is inevitable if we want to move forward.

It’s stinking hard to get along with family, friends or employs sometimes.  Relationships are tested and tried.  There might even be tears – ask me how I know this? But it will be worth it.

You are challenged

The same ol’ same ol’, will fly out the window!  There will be times you want to drop from exhaustion. The kind of exhaustion that comes from creating something you will be proud of, things that will grow the business, your business.

Soon you will see accomplishment, and how far you have come; amazed at what has been created. You have stuck it out and made it work; now reaping the rewards. You will change your financial future.

Personal rewards

Financially we have been able to go on vacation, pay off my car, pay cash for my new business computer, pay on principle house payment. Everything added to the venue has been done in cash. That alone is testimony to beginning small and growing.

Choosing no debt was the right decision, was this hard, yes! I shared in the eBook how we sacrificed in the beginning. Most of the money went back into the business each year. I do not know of any home businesses that have been an overnight success.

It has taken us longer because we went slow and didn’t go into debt. That’s not to say we haven’t made money because we have. This year will be different. We could be in maintenance mode. But, there are these two projects, lol. Can you see what happens? Make the budget, stick to the budget.

Our business has lived out these seven points. We are on the other side now and It. Is. Good! I’m thankful for lessons learned; the hard ones, and the not so hard.

We are all remembered by how we lived. Are we living life with excitement or just passing time? I hope we are all reaching for that dream, the one that makes us feel alive and purposeful.

I could go on and on, but it’s your turn. Will you change your financial future? Resolve to reap rewards? How about start and finish strong?

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