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Who doesn’t want to save time and money?! If you are considering starting a venue, there will be lots of unknowns.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some insights from someone who has lived out the dream that is in your head? Would it be exciting to ask those pressing questions that you have and get an informed answer?

That is why I wrote the eBook: How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue – In Your Own Backyard. I have tried to answer your questions in the eBook so you can get started right now.

I have lived out starting a venue from scratch; let me help you get started.

This eBook will give you a genuine perspective on this subject.


How To Start And Run a Wedding Venue- In Your Own Backyard

eBook: pdf download with purchase, not a hardback book.


Here is what others have to say:

Hello Teri 

“Thank you so much for providing this invaluable information. I enjoy the candid way you write and feel like I can relate.

I look forward to more advice, knowledge and inspiration from you.” 



Hi Teri,

 “Loving all of the advice! … You’ve given me a lot of peace of mind already just seeing that starting from scratch is possible. “




… Getting the venue ready and seeing our dream come to light is so exciting. 

Thanks for your insight and tips. 

Tamie and Kyle  

Hi Teri! 

“Your How to Start and Run A Wedding venue popped up on Pinterest yesterday. My husband and I are in the early stages of buying an acreage and starting a wedding venue; a venture we’re super excited about!

I’m already almost done going through your book. I’ve been highlighting things and already getting so many ideas! 

– Megan

It took me over a year to write this eBook with the help of a sweet intern from our local college. There is a lot of blood, sweat, and yes, tears that have gone into this eBook. But it has been so worth it!

It has set dreams free and inspired many to begin creating their venue; all over the world I might add. So the question is how can this eBook save you time and money?

It’s a work book

There are chapters in this book on numerous topics pertaining to starting a venue. After every chapter there are a list of questions that – if you work through them –  will help you to prepare. Then you can move ahead in your business with confidence.

New addition: The Companion Workbook

This workbook acts as a companion for readers who have already purchased the eBook: How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue- In Your Own Backyard.
The questions and exercises have been formatted as a printable PDF document so you can print it as many times as you’d like for your personal use.
Even though you can find these questions in the eBook, this workbook will make it easier to take notes and answer questions after reading each chapter; keeping you organized and providing the space for notes.

Learn from our mistakes

Oh my goodness, we learned so much that first year (and continue to learn)! I share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Learn from our mistakes. You’ll have an insider perspective. You can learn from our mistakes, so you can move forward faster.

Resource page

On my resource page, I share sample contracts. I give a list of what we purchased and who we purchased it from for the venue. I provide a sample ROI calculation. And there is a venue launch date schedule that will keep you on track for opening day.


There are four videos included in the eBook: Why we started a venue, Wedding set-up, Storage room and Landscaping. These give an overview of what we have done on these topics and things you will have to consider when you start your own venue.


If you are just starting out, or are in the early planning stage, you are most likely feeling some anxiety. Will the venue make money? How will we get everything done? Do we need to hire help? How will I do the marketing? And the list goes on. We have over eight years of experience; glean from our knowledge and wisdom in this area. Then you will be able to start ahead of the game; you’ll be in the know.

The eBook gives you a look into a working venue.  Yes, you will have different things to consider because every property comes with its own unique character. However, the basics; things you will need to provide, will be mostly the same.

This eBook will save you time and money because you will be wiser; you’ll have knowledge on the project you are about to begin.

Being a beginner or new to the process can be very exciting! I know this eBook will have real tangible insights that will make the process less overwhelming and keep you motivated.

Plus, after you have read the book I offer Quiz Me Chats if you need further assistance or help.

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