Six Strategies for Wedding Venue Exposure

Everyone knows marketing is necessary in business; it’s how clients find us. The more places we pop up, the better it is for business. But, strategies we use for wedding venue exposure need to be in place and maintained.

There are approaches that most everyone uses: WeddingWire, Bridal Shows,, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc. And while these are all good and should be utilized, how will you tailor each one to be beneficial for you and your business?

None of these options are the all-in-one easy answer to a marketing plan. They all require attention, and some more than others.

I am NOT a marketing expert at all. Today though I want to share with you some tools that I use in my marketing plan to help potential clients find Denison Ridge.


Tuesday, and Thursday I post one photo from the venue. If this is a photo that the photographer has shared with me, I tag their business in the photo. If I know the other vendors in the photo – DJ, catering etc. – I tag them too. I have been able to connect with many local vendors on this platform. And while many are local, others are from around the world. Instagram is a place for beautiful photos and inspiration.

Update 2022: I love Instagram right now!! And, it automatically posts to Facebook for me. One less thing to do. I get much more attention now from Instagram. Things will change in our marketing, be ready to pivot if you need too.


Monday, and Friday I schedule two posts. At 9:00 am I post a quote. At 11:00 or 5:00 I post something on the venue; it might be a photo, a blog post or a question. You can schedule all posts once a week if you like, or even out longer. I usually schedule in the morning for that day.

On Wednesdays I try to do a Facebook live. Since I have two wedding related topics in my business, I’m sure to write in the title and tags area who I’m speaking too, the bride or venue owner.

I’ll admit I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. It is a necessary evil in my book. I know I shouldn’t look at it that way and you shouldn’t either! It’s just another way for all our clients to find us. And with Facebook if you are not consistent in posting, you will not be found.

Update 2022: Facebook and I have pretty much parted ways, lol! But, it did get me my start so don’t discount it.

**If you are considering starting your Wedding Venue business, check out my ebook “How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue- In Your Own Backyard”, a guide where I share many helpful tips that will help you run a successful venue and add that additional stream of income to your life**


When I write a post, or I have a guest post, it goes live on my website and then is posted to Facebook. I have four categories that I post to: Wedding Tips, Home & Family, Outdoor Spaces and HomeBiz (HB). I really need to be more consistent in writing posts for every category, but the fact is I’m not, lol.

Blogging sounds like such an enormous piece of the puzzle to master. But, it has been one of the best things I have done to get exposure. The blogging posts let people know the real you, the struggles and successes. You get to share what is going on at your venue, wedding tips, what you’re working on or excited about. *How to Start a Blog in 10 Easy Steps: The Definitive guide for 2022 is a great course to learn about blogging. Plus it’s free!!


My website has everything on it; this is the on-line home of Denison Ridge! Venue photos, contracts, wedding packages, products I sell, the blog posts, a contact page, an about page, etc. A website is a must. I use WordPress for my platform, it is the industry standard.

A website can be a complicated beast, but a must have for wedding venue exposure! However, my husband and I have overseen my website from the beginning with little help from outsiders; so, I know it can be done. If you know up front that you don’t want to DIY it, then hire it done, it’s okay!

Update 2022: I no longer use the website to promote my venue as we are retiring after 11 wonderful years. I have transisitioned it to my online business of teaching you how to start a wedding venue on your property.


WeddingWire Inc. is an online marketplace for wedding venue owners; that is what I’m using now. Do I love it, no! Do I get business from it, yes. Right now, it is working for me, so I will continue to use it. I have recently gone from paying monthly to the light or free version.

Business Cards:

This seems like such a simple part of the marketing plan and yet I feel like it gets overlooked. Do you hand out your business card to people who ask you what you do? I’m the worst at this. I do carry them in my purse but hardly ever get them out. That is a goal for me this year to pass out more cards.

Bonus – Google Account:

Do not overlook Google! You can create posts, add photos, and have your clients leave reviews for you. You can pay for ads, but there is a lot you can do for free. I plan to explore this more in the coming year.

Guys, here’s the deal. There are many strategies out there to get wedding venue exposure! Find what works for you. Will you get it right the first time? Probably not; I sure didn’t. The nice thing is it doesn’t have to be perfect to work, but it does need to be in place.

I would suggest taking on one social media platform at a time. Get it put in place and functioning well, and then make tweaks as needed. Don’t let marketing scare you or steal your joy. Do the best you can and come back to it later.

Somedays feel so full, bulging with the have-to’s, ugh. Emotions can get the best of us. But we press on!

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