7 Reasons Why I Enjoy Being a Wedding Venue Owner

Running a venue is hard work, and if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself whining and complaining about just that; all the work. While I agree it is hard work, you can enjoy being a wedding venue owner. Lets explore 7 reasons why I enjoy venue ownership.

Being well organized and having systems in place is a must, then let them work for you. I have determined that most new venue owners have no lack of willpower or energy to see the venue project through. I believe organization is a trait that most, if not all, of us possess.

Might that just be the rub? We are so driven to make sure all is perfect that we do not let ourselves enjoy our wedding venue business. I am the classic example of this! It’s taken me seven years to start “letting” myself enjoy my business. Are you like me?

This year has been fun. Actually, hubby Les even said he had fun too! But why, why has our wedding business become a source of joy in our life? Let me share 7 reasons.

Speaking with guests

We have met people from all over the world and from all walks of life. We have heard happy stories, met people who know someone we know, and then sad stories. Like the grandmother who has a 4-year-old granddaughter who has stage 4 cancer; heart breaking.

There are those who just love the flowers and ask us what the name is. My husband didn’t know the answer one time and then found an app for his phone that told him what it was. When relaying it to our guest she asked for the phone app name; she wanted it on her phone too!

Then there was a sweet gentleman that wanted a look from our deck because he had fallen in love with our venue. After the look, he sat on the deck and chatted with us. He was so complementary. I think he was an Angel sent to be an encouragement? He even wrote a wonderful google review.

Sweet friends take time to visit. It blesses your guest and you, maybe forever. 

Solving problems

OMGoodness do I love solving problems! Most problems/snags/glitches don’t require a huge amount of time on wedding day, but you do need to find a solution; and sometimes quickly. This excites me. Yes, I know, a bit of weirdness. What excites you? Do you get to fulfil that role at your venue, do you feel accomplished?

Meeting vendors

What a treat to meet other business owners and hear the stories of their beginnings and aspirations for the future. I’m always interested in the why and how they got started. We have our favorites that come back again and again and then there are lots of new vendors each year that we get to know for the first time.

Watching my yard be transformed

Now this is a FUN one. While a lot of times the venue decor is used in the same place on the property, it is always used with different staging décor. Each wedding will have its own theme or style and my yard is changed into a magical moment in time.

The photographers capture this perfectly! And, when the photos are shared with me then I can share that – magical moment – with every new client. I love seeing my yard change. Brides are so unique, and it stirs me when they do something new or different.

Purchasing plants

Now this is an easy why I enjoy my business. My husband and I love plants. The business now pays for all the yard plants. People! I get to go wild every spring in the plant department (settle down Teri :). I purchase favorites, unique new ones that I have never had before, and lots of them. Heaven, I’m in heaven; I think that is a song? It was playing in my head anyway.

I see things from a business perspective

Never did I realize how different things look from the other side! I have been educated. You do not know how hard a business owner works until you have run a business yourself. I have a whole new respect for business owners. Les and I are proud to be part of the – I own my own business – crowd. I hope I have learned to be polite and courteous when there is a problem, because that is how I want to be treated.

It gives me opportunities (eBook, business woman, retirement)


My eBook How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue – In Your Own Backyard would never have been written if Les and I had not started our venue business. This eBook has encouraged hundreds of excited entrepreneurs in the adventure of owning a wedding venue business on their property. I feel so blessed to be a part of this dream becoming a reality.

Business woman

I have always wanted to own my own business. My father always owned his own business and I have always wanted to try it. While growing up it seemed to me people who ran their own business seemed happier than those who worked for someone else; just my perception. I’m now a business woman. I may be turning 59 Sept. 2018, but I made it, lol. I can use my God given talents in my business and it is exciting!


If you are following our story you know we are on a retirement plan. We will get to enjoy the rewards of retirement (in 9 years) because we started the business. This is such a relief! To enjoy the fact that we have made a commitment to our future that we both agree on, thank you Jesus.


Now you know 7 reasons why I enjoy my wedding venue business. Sometimes, you and me, we need to stop and see how far we have come; how God has blessed us.

Has everything been smooth sailing, you know it has not. But, we press on. Take a step back today – what are the joy’s your business has brought into your life. I would love to know…

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  1. Kristi Scott says:

    Teri and Les thanks so much for sharing your experience and time with wanna-bes and dreamers, like My husband and me. We just wanted a bit of land to enjoy and upon our last child going off to College we soon found a special place. We’ve been working on it for about 2 years and are able to live in the first of likely 12 units. It overlooks a scenic mountain valley that few can see and feel blessed and challenged to have the opportunity to help this old sows ear turn into a silk purse. Although there is much to do before we will be ready for business, we look forward to the different stages and feel blessed to have found such a beautiful dream!

  2. Awe Kristi! How fun, exciting and challenging. I wish you the very best on your journey. What an opportunity!!
    Teri 🙂

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