One Wedding a Weekend vs Two Weddings a Weekend at Your Wedding Venue

Having two weddings a weekend at your backyard venue is very doable. Our venue has done what I call, double wedding weekends for five years.  Most weekends were single weddings with a few double wedding weekends mixed in. A lot of venues can accommodate two weddings a weekend and choose to do so.

There are several things to consider when making the choice to have one wedding a weekend or two. However, a weekend that has two weddings will require a fast-paced working environment. The venue will need to be put back to original order before the next wedding party is to arrive. You’ll have to be well rested, no grumpiness allowed. We want to get that stellar review right?!

One Wedding Weekend:

– Rehearsal can be scheduled any time between the designated times that you provide. Some rehearsals are just plain hard to plan for the bride. People work, and others may be coming from out of town. Venues that can accommodate the wedding parties schedule makes less stress for clients.

– Our clients really like to bring in decor, food items, drinks and other belongings on rehearsal night; sometimes even the wedding dress and groomsman attire. Bringing some things in early makes fewer items to bring on wedding day.

– The calligraphy artist will have time to work on the chalkboards ahead of time if she chooses too. I’ve noticed the sweet artists are very intense on their projects, and rightly so. When they are done, they really are beautiful works of art. Which, take time to complete.

– Center pieces can also be arranged using venue decor items. They can be prepared during rehearsal time or partly prepared, and finished up the next day.


– I own my linens here at the Ridge. I like the idea of having extra linens available for unexpected uses that might come up. If renting, make sure you have ordered enough.

– After every event, chairs and tables are stacked properly by staff and put away in their designated areas. We get them off the lawn onto the patio stacked nicely and properly and store away the next day.

– One wedding a weekend makes it easier on venue staff too. No one must rush through the cleaning schedule. Some cleaning can be done the next day: bathrooms, vacuuming, floor mopping, venue decor put away, coffee and punch containers washed, bathrooms restocked, mirrors washed, everything wiped down and dusted, etc. The chalkboards can also be cleaned the next day, or a few days before the next event.

– We always remove the garbage and put in new bags. I keep extra bags in the bottom of each garbage can and under the venue sink for easy access. Garbage attracts bees, so don’t be lax on removal.

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Two wedding Weekend:

– At the Ridge, the second wedding of the weekend has rehearsal first.  And because we have no extra storage room, they cannot bring things in early. That also means there is no opportunity for any early preparation for their wedding day. Many venues have extra space to accommodate client items for two weddings a weekend. Always make sure that the clients items are safe and secure.

– The venue chalkboards are a popular item and will be used during the first wedding. The second wedding will need to wait until wedding day for the sweet calligraphy artist to work her magic.

– Center pieces cannot be arraigned, if you are using venue decor. This really isn’t an issue though. The center piece goes together quickly on wedding day because they all look the same.

– Most venues provide linens. This means, if you are having another wedding the same weekend you will need two sets of linens. My linens are sent out to be cleaned. They would not get back in time for the next event. Even if you were to wash your own linens it’s probably not a good option, stuff happens, and you might not get them washed before the next event. We sometimes use up to 40 linens per wedding; rounds, rectangles, white and black. Linens for remembrance tables, communion etc. You’ll need lots of linens.

Tables and Chairs

– At the Ridge, the tables and chairs are removed from the lawn to the patio, so the sprinkler system can run at night. This makes it easy for the second wedding since the tables and chairs are close to the reception area. After the weekend’s events are over, the chairs and tables can be taken back to the barn to be stored.

– Venue staff must do everything on the cleaning schedule right after the first event is over: garbage removal, bathrooms, vacuuming, floor mopping, put venue décor away, coffee and punch containers washed, bathrooms restocked, mirrors washed, everything wiped down and dusted, etc. Clients leave between 10:00 and 10:30 pm. That makes a late night when everything is set up again by 9:00 am the next morning.

This last year-

This last year we did one wedding a weekend. We liked it so much we have decided to continue it because it made the summer more enjoyable and fun.  I know many of you who have purchased the eBook are young and vigorous with lots of vision and big dreams for the future. Go for it! That is the beauty of this business; it can be tailored to YOU.

Deciding to hold one wedding a weekend or two is a choice that only you can make. Take the points I have discussed into consideration when making a decision. Also, another wedding added to a weekend will add extra income to the business and help you reach your goals faster. If you can swing it, I would definitely give it a try. Just be sure to take the linen situation into consideration, you don’t want to run short. Oh, and get your rest, lol!

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