Help Your Mom Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

By Roxana Oliver

Your wedding day should definitely be about you and your future spouse, but who else could understand your feelings and share the experiences you’re going through better than your mom? She’s been there to support you all your life and still continues to do so. Moreover, there’s hardly anyone else who could be happier for you than your mom. Therefore, make sure to show your gratitude to her and make her feel special during the wedding preps and ceremony as well.

Help Your Mom Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

Give her your time
Your mom knows how stressful and time-consuming wedding preparations can be. But when she wants to relax and do stuff together with you, reminisce about the past, look at your childhood photos or simply have fun conversation with you, make sure to spend that time with her. Even if you still can’t understand how sentimental she feels, oblige her and enjoy yourselves together. It will mean a world to her.

Go dress shopping together
Let’s be real here, shopping for your wedding dress is probably the most fun you’re going to have during the pre-wedding chaos. So, make sure to let your mom join in all the fun. Not only will you have someone by your side who will honestly tell you what dress looks the best on you, but you’ll also be able to make her feel special by helping her choose the perfect dress among mother of the bride dresses that are also usually available in stores that carry wedding attire.

Help Your Mom Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

Ask her for advice
Don’t wait for your mom to help you on her own with wedding preparations. Sometimes she might want to assist you as much as she could but she might fear to trouble you and generally doesn’t want to impose. Still, she can give you best advice so make sure to include her in your wedding organization and make her feel special by putting your trust in her.

Something borrowed
Even if your wedding theme is not going to be very traditional, you can still use the tradition of wearing something borrowed to involve your mom in wedding more and also express your love and gratitude for all that she’s done. Of course, ask her to borrow you something specifically for this purpose and you’ll definitely be able to see how happy you made her.

Help Your Mom Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

Dance with your mom
While your first dance on your wedding day will definitely be with your wedded partner, make sure to reserve the next dance for your mom. That way, you’ll give her the opportunity to feel close to you again as well as acknowledge her in front of all your guests. Since dads get a lot of attention with walking down the aisle and dancing, your mom will be thrilled to be included in these traditions as well.

Her wedding as a décor
The ultimate way to make your mom feel special on your wedding day and honor her in the most personal and loving manner is by displaying her own wedding pictures at your wedding. There are various ways you could make this work and actually make this display a part of your wedding theme and general decoration.

You might not always see eye to eye, but there’s no one who loves you and accepts you for who you are more than your mom. Your wedding day is as important to her as it is to you. Don’t try to do everything by yourself when she’s there with you, waiting to help you. Not only will you make her feel special by including her in wedding arrangements and paying attention to her during the ceremony and reception, but her presence alone will definitely prove to be a significant stress-relief for you.


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