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The 1920’s were full of life and fun! There are a million things that make this era unique. From feather boas to the jazz music and many more exciting details, you can undoubtedly create a 1920’s wedding theme for your event. Your guests will love it – after all, the twenties were all about a good party.

How to Create a 1920’s Wedding Theme for Your Big Day

How to Plan a 1920’s Wedding

If you’ve never planned this type of event before, you can certainly design your wedding and make it 20’s themed. Just follow these suggestions.


When looking at your venue, you either want a place that offers a lot of vintage detail or an outdoor venue that is sort of a blank canvas. That way, you can create whatever you like. Denison Ridge offers an amazing outdoor venue with beautiful grounds and flowers that would be perfect for this type of celebration.


Popular songs from the 1920’s are a good choice. It keeps things authentic. You might also try hiring a band and playing some jazz music. Either of these suggestions will get people to the dance floor!


When it comes to decorations, think extravagant. Popular colors for this type of event include white, black, gold, and muted red and light pink tones. Try adding vintage items to your venue like pearls, feather boas, glassware, and lots of sparkles.

Try adding lots of lights from chandeliers, candles, and lamps, large flower displays, vintage decor, and anything that feels like it could have come from the 1920’s.

Make sure your wedding invitations also have a 1920’s theme that makes it clear to the guests what to expect. You could even have the guests wear clothing that would be appropriate for the era.

Details to Add for a 20’s Wedding

Every themed wedding needs details to make it feel authentic. Here are some fun ones for your event.


Try to make your outfits match the era. For groomsmen, suspenders, bowties, or hats are all nice touches. For the bridal party, gold and sparkly dresses are a popular choice. You could also make the look more authentic by having them wear flapper dresses with feathers or sparkle.

The bride and groom can wear more dressy versions of these ideas. For the bride, include an elaborate headpiece with pearls and feathers. Grooms, be sure to dress up, too!

Movies or Book Details

Some movies and books have a 1920’s vibe or are about the era. Think things like The Great Gatsby or Midnight in Paris. Reading books or watching films set during this time will help you to gather details that you can use for the wedding.

Leading Up to the Big Day…

A 1920’s themed wedding will be completely unforgettable. It’s unique, it’s detailed, and it will be a perfect setting for your big day.

Remember to make it your own – you can gather inspiration from anywhere, but the end result should be something you love. Try to keep track of all your ideas in a notebook or using Pinterest. That way, you’ll have everything ready when it’s time to make purchasing decisions. Have fun planning!

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