How to Decide What Kind of Wine to Have at Your Wedding

Guest post  by Roxana Oliver

How to Decide What Kind of Wine to Have at Your Wedding

If you are getting married soon, you are probably getting tips and advice left, right and center. It seems like everyone knows what the best thing is for you and your wedding. Of course, you will keep in mind the things everyone says. But it’s still your wedding. And, you should be the ones making the decisions. But there is something that so often goes overlooked, yet can be a crucial part of a good wedding day – the wine. And unless you are an expert, this just might be the place where you will want to rely on advice.

The amount

The first thing you should be asking yourself is how much you should buy. Beverages are always a tricky thing to estimate, there is somewhat of a magical number when it comes to wine: 2,15. Divide the number of your guests by 2,15 and you will get a rough estimate of how many bottles will be enough. And if you are ordering by the case (which you should), always round it up.  Even if there is a little extra, you can rest assured it won’t go to waste.


How to Decide What Kind of Wine to Have at Your Wedding

Now comes the hard part: which wine should you buy? You should always have both reds and whites, with the addition of a rosé or something bubbly. But beyond that, you can choose to match specific wines with the season, menu or personal preferences. The best tip is not to over-complicate it – choose one of each variety and stick to it. People won’t mind the lack of options, as long as they can choose between a red or a white.

Some people say that you should match your wine selection to the season, but you will be better off matching it with your menu. Once you’ve decided on the dish, it’s not a bad idea to sample the wines you will serve along with it, and follow the girl’s guide to wine to make sure you are getting the full tasting experience. The general rule is that dark meats are served with red wine, while lighter meats like chicken or fish lean more towards the white.


How to Decide What Kind of Wine to Have at Your Wedding

Sometimes, the catering service that is taking care of the food will also take care of the drinks, but this isn’t always the case. Never buy anything for your wedding last minute, and wine is no exception. But you also don’t want it delivered too soon, because it needs to be stored in a proper way to be ready for the event.

You can buy it in advance and pick it up just before the wedding, or you can buy wines online and have them delivered on your wedding day. This makes it possible for you to have an amazing array of tastes that can be delivered to you from all over the world. Make sure that you have the whites, rosés and sparkling wines in a fridge at least the night before the event, and the reds in a dark and dry place for optimum flavor.

It’s Personal 

How to Decide What Kind of Wine to Have at Your Wedding

Remember that your choice of wine says a lot about you as a couple, so you should choose carefully. You can even get a selection that is personal to you: a wine you drank on your first date, or the day you got engaged. Make sure you have enough sparkling wine to fill everyone’s glass for a toast. In the end, the wine is there not to be the star, but to be the compliment to everything else that is happening around it.

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