How to Solve This Giant Problem - Wedding Day Timeline

A wedding day timeline will ensure everything you have planned for your – always and forever – will get D-O-N-E, done! It will take several people, and more than one list to pull everything together for that perfect day, and final timeline.

The wedding day timeline needs to be given to several important, and trustworthy people; a timeline cannot serve you well, if it is not followed. Oh, and don’t forget to give a copy to your venue contact person, they will love you for it! ?

Who should get the wedding day timeline, and what should be on this important list?

Someone needs to be in charge! It could be a friend, mother of the bride (not a good idea :), or you could hire a professional to handle the coordination of the day. After doing over 100 weddings at our venue I have seen many scenarios.

Also, if it’s the sweet friend, and usually they are in the wedding party too, it could be a disaster. Not for you or your guests but said sweet friend. You see the list is long. Sweet friend, of course, is trying to get everything done that you requested. But she can’t!

Our sweet friend needs to be dressed, and ready for photos. But wait, she has not completed the list that she was responsible for. I later find this friend in tears; she has let her trusted friend down! And on her wedding day.

FYI, sweet friend volunteered for this. Please have the insight – family members – to realize the burden that has just been put on said friend. Yes, this can work, but please, she must have trusted help. Rant over, lol!

There are several ways to create this wedding day timeline document. You can use a Word document, or use Also, you will be able to edit in both forms as things come up or need changing, and they will. A pdf template will work too – Wedding Day Schedule.

What goes on the timeline?

Remember to give everything a time. Do you have to be rigid about the timeline schedule? No, but the timeline will help with making sure you don’t forget something important. And really, staying on schedule keeps quests happy too.

  • Venue arrival time for: Bride and groom, parents, grandparents, groomsman, bridesmaids, catering company, DJ, Cakes and desserts, Videographer, Photographer, Rentals, Ice and drinks, etc.
  • Photographer arrives – detailed shots first (wedding dress, rings, etc.) You should have received a photographer itinerary – this will dictate your photo schedule
  • Wedding party gets dressed
  • Decoration starts, helpers / coordinator setting up
  • First look: Bride and groom, bride and dad
  • Brides and Bridesmaid photos, groom and groomsman photos
  • Family photos
  • Do you need time to chill after photos / grab a snack
  • Guests start arriving
  • Ceremony start time
  • Sign marriage license
  • Reception start time / catering service serves food
  • Bar open
  • Chill out time after ceremony
  • Bride and Groom chat with guests
  • Bride and groom eat – make sure this happens
  • Toasts
  • Cake ceremony
  • Garter / bouquet toss
  • Dance floor open time
  • First dance for bride and groom and parents
  • Sunset photos
  • Last dance
  • Sparkler sendoff
  • Bride and groom leave
  • photographer leaves
  • Clean up

What method do you want to use? Now start adding your timeline activities. Download this simple Wedding Day Timeline to get started. Giant problem solved!

How to Solve This Giant Problem – Wedding Day Timeline

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