Ideas… The new pergola entrance (from the parking area to the ceremony/reception area) has been graced with two black rod iron hooks this week. I wanted to give you a look, and show an idea on how it can be dressed up for an event.


I chose to hang the two bird cages I have in my Magic Shed, up on the hooks. Each bird cage has a flameless tea light in the inside.  I decided to put a little bit of tulle on the sides also.

Denison Ridge has a Curly or sometimes called Cork Screw Willow, in the backyard. It needed trimming so I added that to the top of the pergola.


Not to bad for a quick and easy “showing”! It would also be beautiful with the tulle draped over the wood on top.

I have also considered a clematis or even a hop plant that would cover the whole pergola with beautiful greenery or a splattering of color. That way it would always have something beautiful on it. One less thing to decorate, unless of course, someone wanted too.

What kind of suggestions do you have, what’s your idea!!

Check out this Pinterest board for other ideas – Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Backdrops / Wedding Aisle

Teri… who can’t wait to “see” what my fabulous brides will come up with.  : )

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