Insurance, Alcohol and Music, Oh Know!

 There are three wedding day categories that I would like to address in this post, Insurance, Alcohol, and Music. It’s good to be in the “know” about these important and sometimes controversial topics before you have that delightful event in your backyard. Having peace of mind on wedding day is “very” important.


As a venue owner we are required to have insurance on our venue in case something should go wrong, it’s called Commercial Insurance. Each client is also required to have insurance and it is called Liability Insurance.  The client can purchase their insurance through a company called WedSafe or other company that deals with Liability Insurance.

For a family event in your backyard, I suggest you talk to your homeowner’s insurance provider and ask if you will need additional insurance for the event happening on your property. They usually “do” want you to purchase additional insurance for just that day. It will not be much unless you add lots of extras. This will be an added safeguard in case something goes wrong… we did mention peace of mind.


As a venue owner we require clients to purchase a Washington State Liquor Control Board Banquet Permit for all events, the cost is $11.00 and is usually sent by email to purchaser. I suggest you look into your county or state requirements on this topic of serving alcohol at your backyard event. Our venue only allows beer and wine.

You do not want to be held liable if someone does something stupid! Here are some things worth thinking about: Will you have someone watching over the beverage area? Will you require a bartender? Will this person be able to say “no more” if need be?

Can you suggest that there be a designated driver for the evening? Have you thought about how much alcohol will be available?   I’m not opposed to alcohol at weddings. It helps everyone relax, have a good time, and just enjoy the evening.  If handled well alcohol is a great addition to that enchanted evening.


I love the music! Check and see if there is a noise ordinance in your area. Our venue requires music to be off at 9:30.  It’s also very important to keep the sound at a reasonable level. I always say, “Loud enough to have fun but not so loud that your parents and grandparents have to leave the reception area to hear each other talk.”

It’s so sad to find the older crowd sitting off by themselves because the noise was so loud they couldn’t even talk to each other. A wedding should be for all to enjoy, and really it can be!

Okay, so now you are in the “know” about Insurance, Alcohol and Music. Remember, peace of mind is of utmost importance so everyone can enjoy a perfect evening.

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  1. Where did you find Commercial Insurance? We can’t find anyone that will cover us.

  2. Hi Liz, There are several commercial companies. The big question is WHY wont they cover you? We use Liberty Mutual.
    Teri 🙂

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