Are you looking for wedding cake styles that are unique, fun, and full of personality? From rustic to traditional designs, there are a million ways to say “I do” to your cake, but we’ve compiled a list of the ones we think you’ll like the most. Here are the most beautiful ideas for wedding cake to help you have the perfect day.

Most Beautiful Ideas for Wedding Cake

Best Wedding Cake Styles

All of the options here are classics that you won’t regret using for your event. But beware that you may want to move up your wedding date just to eat a slice of these incredible desserts after you read this.

Cinnamon Roll Cake

A delicious and unique option, the cinnamon roll wedding cake will wow the crowd. You might do a layered look with several large cinnamon rolls or a tiered cake with smaller rolls for people to eat. No matter what, make sure it’s dripping with yummy frosting.


An elegant wedding may call for cheesecake. With a rich taste and tons of flavor, it’s a popular choice. There are many to choose from, so you can find one you and your wedding guests will like best.

Half frosted cake

A very popular cake idea is the half-frosted cake. It means part of the cake has frosting, and some of it is left undone but in a very stylish way. It’s great for outdoor or rustic-chic events. The good thing is it gives the cake a chance to shine, with the frosting taking more of a backseat. You can add fruit, chocolate, or anything else to bring out the uniqueness of the cake.


Flowers are everywhere for wedding cakes. You’ll find them cascading down the sides of tiered cakes, placed on top in a decorative display, and some with added greenery for a summer vibe. Flowers are a classic option, and there are so many ways to use them that it will never feel boring.


Gold frosting, gold details, gold flowers – this trend is everywhere for wedding cakes. Metallics are a great look, and they bring more of a modern feel to the dessert table. But you can still use them in a way that keeps tradition intact.

Black or Navy

Darker, more dramatic colors can give a unique flair to a wedding cake. Black, deep purple, navy, or grey can look incredible and add a surprising element to the dessert. You can add lighter details to the cake or keep the darker theme. The options are endless.


Marble is a super unique cake look that your guests won’t forget. It provides the perfect solution for blending your wedding colors and looks beautiful. It’s still classy but can also show off your trendy side. (P.S. If you want to try making one of these yourself, check out this marble drip cake recipe.)

Final Thoughts

There’s so much to think about when it comes to coordinating the food for your wedding. These traditional and trendy suggestions will help you with fun ideas for wedding cake. Your day will be complete with one of these fantastic options that you and your guests will love.

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