Need to Know:  Mermaid Wedding Dress

By Taylor Oddino


Oh my goodness you guys – are all the different styles of wedding dresses out there exciting, or what?! So many to choose from…so many….so, SO many! It can get overwhelming pretty quickly, so Denison Ridge wants to simplify it for you. We’ll start by giving you the low down on one particular style – The Mermaid Wedding Dress. So take a look at these ideas that You Need to Know and learn lots about the Mermaid Wedding Dress!

Need to Know: Mermaid Wedding Dress


  • What is the Mermaid Wedding Dress?

The mermaid wedding dress is a silhouette dress that hugs the body and flares out to the hem, with the flare starting somewhere around the knees. Most mermaid dresses are strapless – the focus is on the flare at the bottom and the sexy silhouette of the bodice. The mermaid wedding dress is usually regarded as a sexy, daring dress that shows off a woman’s body. It’s a dress for the bold!

  • What body type is best suited for the Mermaid Wedding Dress?

Here at Denison Ridge, we think all women are gorgeous! We also think that if you want a particular type of dress, then girl, you go for it! That being said, if you’re concerned about what dress is best suited for your body type, consider a few things before choosing the mermaid wedding dress. The dress is best suited for those with an hourglass figure (whether you’re tall or short). The tightfitting bodice attracts a lot of attention to your overall body shape, and therefore this style is ultra flattering on ladies with that hourglass shape. If you have a cute waistline and sexy hips – this might be the dress for you to rock! As women, our hips are usually the widest part of our bodies. If you don’t want to draw attention to your hips, you might want to skip this style.

  • The Mermaid Wedding Dress is a beauty all on its own.

The mermaid wedding dress is a force to be reckoned with! The alluring bodice and flirty flare at the bottom are a lot for the eyes to take in. What we are saying here – the dress, and you in the dress, is stunning all on its own. We suggest not over accessorizing with this style. While most mermaid wedding dresses are strapless, you can have a variety of sleeves/necklines/etc. We suggest nothing too crazy though. Long, beaded sleeves, a plunging V-neck and a ruffled mermaid tale at the bottom might be too much. Simple is best! Also be wary of your jewelry choices, shoe choice and hair/make-up choices. The focus is on you, the dress and your rocking bod! Don’t take away from your elegance by weighing yourself down with a lot of accessories.

  • Choose your fabric for the Mermaid Wedding Dress wisely.

With the mermaid wedding dress, you have the choice of selecting a softer fabric, such as satin, or a more rigid/stiff fabric. Think about how much structure you want in the dress and what will accentuate your curves the best. Also think about movement capabilities in this curvalicious dress. Extra tip: this is the definition of a form-fitting gown – be aware of panty/bra lines!

We hope this helps you come to a decision on whether the mermaid wedding dress is right for you. Share your knowledge with others about the mermaid wedding dress in the comments below. Be on the look out for our next spotlight on a different style of wedding dress!

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