There are so many things to think about once you start planning your wedding. Check out these outdoor wedding A-B-C’s and see if you have missed anything!

Outdoor Wedding  A–B–C’s

Attire: Will it be formal, semi-formal, relaxed or somewhere in between?

B-ouquet:  What colors, style, choice of flowers, size and shape?

C-ake: Will it be a big or small cake, what shape, color and texture, maybe cupcakes or ice-cream cake?

D-ance:  Will there be dancing? On a rented dance floor, on the grass, in a barn?

E-vening: What time of day will this wonderful ceremony take place? Lights in the evening are “very” romantic.

Know Your Outdoor Wedding A-B-C’s

F-ood: To self-cater (be sure you have lots of help) or hire someone (so much easier on the moms)?

G-uests: Will it be a big crowd (lots of food, chairs, tables, etc., which is “very” fun, just make sure your budget allocates for this) or small and intimate?

H-airpiece: So many choices!! A veil: style, length, to cover the face or not. Combs, clips, hair pins, flowers, headbands, tiaras.

I-nvitations: Will you have fun with this –  design and make them yourself or purchase them as an added time saver?

J-uggle: You do not want to juggle things on your wedding day! Make sure you have lots of help so everything is covered. The more “ready” you are the less you’ll be upset when something goes differently than expected, because it will!

K-now:  Your style? Romantic, glamorous, simple, country, garden, elegant or somewhere in-between?

L-icense: Be sure and check on the wedding license law in your state, sometimes there is a waiting period and usually a fee, be prepared.

M-emories: Make these!! Enjoy working with your family during this special time in your life.

N-ew: Look forward to your new life together, and be sure and take time to keep things new and exciting during the wedding planning.

O-ld: Are you going to follow the poem and get something old? Grandma’s hanky or what else?

Know Your Outdoor Wedding A-B-C’s

P-illow: Is there a ring bearer pillow in your future, or what will you use to get the rings to the ceremony?

Q-uestions: Ask lots of questions during vendor interviews or even with family who want to help. You need people who will do what they say –  ask me how because I know this!

R-eception: Who is in charge? One person needs to be the “go-to” for fast decisions. Don’t assume… know. Do you need to hire a professional?

S-alon:  Who will do your hair and make-up? Will it be on-site at the wedding or will it be all done before you get there?

T-oast: Will you have them, and who will give them and when?

U-sed: Don’t be afraid to borrow things from friends and family; they can say no, but most will be overjoyed that you want to use something of theirs at your outdoor wedding.

V-ows : Will you write your own or let the officiate use one he/she has?

Know Your Outdoor Wedding A-B-C’s

W-indows: Use old windows to write a message on and display it, beautiful!

X-erox: Print out your wedding day schedule with names and phone numbers to keep everything running smoothly.

Y-ou: Take care of you! Eat right and get plenty of rest (realizing this could be hard at times, lol). Give yourself time for decisions, give yourself grace.

Z-est: Have “Fun” planning your wedding! Enjoy each moment of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

An outdoor wedding can be wonderful and very fun.

Outdoor Wedding  A–B–C’s

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