Outdoor weddings can hold many surprises. Being mentally prepared with the must haves, can easily turn negatives into positives. Rain seems to be the big heartbreak to some on wedding day. However, if rain is an issue, but an outside wedding is a must, I have some tips for you.

Outdoor Wedding Must-Haves
Photo Credit: http://alexandraraephoto.com/


Choose a professional caterer:

A professional caterer knows how to work in all kinds of weather and will make sure everything runs smoothly, rain or shine.

Make sure the venue has a covered area:

This area will need to accommodate all your guests, food service and DJ. Ask if they provide tents if the covered area is not big enough or will you need to rent them?

Know the linen situation:

What happens if you wait to move inside? Most venues will provide one set of linens. Having another set of linens on hand is usually not an option. Be sure you know the rules and watch the weather carefully.

Outdoor Wedding Must-Haves
Photo Credit: http://alexandraraephoto.com/


Choose a professional photographer:

Bad weather will not discourage a seasoned photographer! Some of the most stunning photos have been taken in nasty weather.

Patio heaters for warmth:

It’s nice if there are outdoor heaters provided. Guests and wedding party will want to be comfortable if bad weather arises.

Outdoor Wedding Must-Haves
Photo Credit: http://alexandraraephoto.com/


A good attitude:

Attitude “is” everything when things do not turn out as expected.  The bride and groom will set the tone for the day, good or bad. Be grateful, smile a lot, and ooze with happiness.

Is an outside wedding a must?  Take these tips into consideration during the planning stages. Knowing these must-haves will be sure to keep things in a positive light no matter what the weather throws at you.

Photo Credit: http://alexandraraephoto.com/

Denison Ridge is grateful to Alexandra Rae Photography for sharing these stunning photos for our enjoyment.

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