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Preparing for a wedding is exciting, and outdoor wedding pictures are one of the best parts! You get to gather all your guests, friends, and family, together to make memories. Your wedding photos are something you’ll look back on with fondness for years to come.

However, taking outdoor wedding pictures can present some challenges, such as shadows or too much sun. Here’s how to be prepared and pick the right poses.

Outdoor Wedding Pictures: How to Take the Most Unique Photos

How to Take Outdoor Photos

Let’s turn to the experts on this. Karthika Gupta of Digital Photography School says you’ll want to take pictures in a shady area if possible. Not so dark that you have no sun, but you also don’t want to make the photo too bright with the light aimed right at you.

Best Outdoor Wedding Photo Ideas

Large group picture

When you’re outdoors, you can fit many people into a photograph due to having space. So take advantage of being outside and grab a few photos with the entire wedding party and family. Maybe even some panoramic shots.

Use the scenery

Look around outside and decide how you can bring natural elements into the pictures. For example, are you near a lake, mountains, or a garden? Be sure to include this to add some personal style and really showcase your beautiful wedding venue.

Sunset Pictures

Use the last light of day to create beautiful silhouettes and lovely shots of the two of you as a couple. The setting sun means the lighting will be unique, and sunset photos are trendy.


You might have picked your venue at least partially for the buildings or architecture around it. Use locations such as the church or event center on the property for inspiration. Find beautiful corners of these buildings to pose near.

Photo with Car

Bring your getaway car into the mix by taking some photos with it outside. You can try driving shots that are candid or maybe some posed photos, as well. Bring your personality into this to create a unique picture.

Use the Elements

If there’s snow or rain, snap a few photos. Outdoor elements make unique shots and unforgettable moments that you’ll treasure.

Bring the Indoors Out

Use furniture or props usually reserved for indoors, such as a couch or antique piece of furniture. It’s even better if it matches your wedding decor or colors. Find a great backdrop and a flat surface, and use it to set the stage for a beautiful photo.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

An outdoor wedding is a naturally beautiful setting that will already have many unique elements. Taking some photographs that have their own style will add a lot to this.

Be creative – if there’s a pose or setting you love that’s indoors, you can probably recreate it outdoors. Try to capture some more traditional pictures in addition to the trendier photos. Above all, add your own personality to your photos, and it will create the perfect look for your big day.

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