Picking The Wedding Date

Choosing the wedding date is one of the first important decisions that every couple will have to make together. It’s important, of course, since this will be the day when you celebrate your anniversary as man and wife, forever! For most brides, the wedding date is especially important, as they want this day to be as close to perfect as possible. Here are some steps you can take when choosing your wedding date.

Picking The Wedding Date

Many Things to Consider

There are so many things to consider when you go through the process of picking “the” date. One of the first things you should consider when it comes down to it is your schedules and that of your family and friends. You might want to take a look at your calendar to see if you’re attending any other friend’s wedding. It is wise that you not schedule the date of your wedding too close to another’s because you might be asked to help out with their wedding and run out of time for yours, not good! You also want a date when most of your guest are available and will be able to commit to attending your ceremony, sometimes easier said than done of course.

What Season to Consider

The next consideration when it comes to choosing your wedding date is the season when you want to get married. Do you want it in the spring, summer or fall? Consider the weather conditions of that particular period you are looking at. If you are looking at an outdoor wedding facility like Denison Ridge you really need to be able to go with whatever the weather decides to do, after all, God is in charge of that. : ) Denison Ridge has weathered, no pun intended, all kinds of weather situations. Some of the most beautiful photos come from a rainy or stormy day. And, we also have a covered area if needed.

Vendor Consideration

Remember also that if you are looking for a specific date, venue or other vendors you may need to book a year in advance. Getting exactly who and what you want requires that you book them as soon as you know. It can be very disappointing to hear “sorry we are booked for that day” when you had your heart set on “that” vendor. However, if you are not sure and don’t really have “set” dates or ideas, I find that lots of couples book in January after the Bridal Festival in our area.

What Day to Consider

The next step in picking your wedding date is to consider which day of the week you want your wedding to occur. Most people prefer Saturdays, because it gives the guests time to get to the wedding if they will be travelling and also gives them a chance to rest up on Sunday after all the festivities the day before. While Saturdays are most popular, Denison Ridge does plenty of Fridays and Sundays too.

Picking the date for your wedding can be quite important; especially if you are looking to achieve that “perfect wedding” you’ve always dreamed of. Just consider these already mentioned areas and design your wedding according to your wishes.

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