How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue – In Your Own Backyard eBook (pdf download)


The entrepreneur in me just can’t stand by and not try and help others! If I can start and run a wedding venue so can you. I decided to write out everything that Les and I have done and share it in an eBook format (pdf download)… and How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue –In Your Own Backyard was created.



Wedding Venue

Denison Ridge has just passed the nine-year mark. And, we are going strong. We have been able to put money down on our principle house payment. We can see light at the end of our long tunnel. That was our goal when we started the wedding venue. Pay off the house, and we are! Working from home has also provided a great environment for our children to learn work ethics, have family time, and make income.

It wasn’t long after we started the wedding venue that I realized there are many people out there just like Les and I. Looking for a way to help ends meet. Extra income comes in handy for children’s education, braces, vacations, paying off car and school loans, paying the mortgage and the list goes on.


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