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  • Complete Venue GET STARTED Bundle / Home Business


    Complete GET STARTED Bundle

    Creating a home-business now more than ever is a good idea, I believe we all need to have a side hustle. And, the benefits!! Children learn business – from you. Your property makes you an income, while you live there. All of your landscaping is deductible, and so much more.

    If you are – SERIOUS – about your Home Business dream, I can help. We are heading into our 10th year of venue ownership using our property. What are you waiting for??‍

  • Inspiration Collection


    Owning your own wedding venue does not have to be a dream! This collection of our popular posts will get you excited about the next step in your backyard wedding venue journey.

    Denison Ridge has been open for 10 years now, and we have experienced, a lot. The wedding venue business has opened so many doors! The fact that we are able to use our property is the best part. The opportunities, and benefits continue to surprise us.

    You are allocated 3 downloads. Please put a copy on your computer desktop so you can always find it. If downloaded to a phone or pad it gets lost in a file that is almost impossible to find.

  • Quiz Me Chat One-On-One Coaching


    I would love to help with a strategy session. Within our 50 minute session, we can work through your biggest challenge when it comes to implementing your venue strategy.

    “My daughter and I spoke with Teri about starting our wedding venue.  It was so helpful to be able to quiz her on all the details.  Teri is so down to earth and easy to talk to; she didn’t intimidate us or make us feel like our questions were dumb.  She is so encouraging!  Her book is also a wonderful tool and starting point.  We can’t wait to jump in and do this as a lasting family business.” Jill H.

    After purchase you’ll receive an email with the link to my calander where you can schedule a day and time for our One-On-One coaching session.

    Cancellations + Refunds

    We get it — things happen, schedules change. If you’d like to cancel your 1:1 session purchase 24+ hours ahead of the scheduled session date, we’ll refund you 100% of the total session price. Once it’s processed, you can expect your refund within 7 business days. To cancel your purchase and request a refund, please contact


    We’re here to support your busy, busy life, so you can reschedule your session one time, as long as it’s 24+ hours from the scheduled date. Contact to reschedule your 1:1 session.


  • Venue Planner Printables (pdf download)


    These Planner Printables will help in so many ways!  You’ll have a great idea on what needs done on wedding day, how to instruct your staff on preparing for wedding day, have a bridal festival checklist at the ready, and don’t forget the most asked question of all – how do I know how much to charge for the venue – just follow these easy steps I’ve provided.

    Download the printables, and get started!!

  • The Companion Workbook (pdf download)


    The Companion Workbook

    This workbook acts as a companion for readers who have already purchased the eBook: How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue- In Your Own Backyard.
    The questions and exercises have been formatted as a printable PDF document so you can print it as many times as you’d like for your personal use.
    Even though you can find these questions in the eBook, this workbook will make it easier to take notes and answer questions after reading each chapter; keeping you organized and providing the space for notes.

    This Companion Workbook will help you feel confident knowing you have covered and researched every aspect of your business.
    You can read from your computer and take notes as you go along using the workbook. Just grab a three ring binder, download your pages, and you are ready to go. And, you’ll be able to take this workbook with you so you can do research anywhere.