So This is Embarrassing…

Yesterday, September 28th was the 2013 Bridal Festival at the Spokane Convention Center. This is my first year to have a booth at this event. I just have to give a shout out to Rachel from Distinction Studio for all the great photos in my booth that show off Denison Ridge with perfection! It was a very fun day with many future brides to talk too and even some of my 2014 brides stopped by to say hi (which I loved : ) ). It was overall a wonderful day… except for what I discovered when I got home!

So This is Embarrassing...

Many of you probably have an earring tree or something to put your earrings on or in. I’m usually very good at having them all matched and hanging with each other or by each other. So, when I put my earrings on that morning I didn’t give it a second thought and out the door I went.

My daughter Eryn was with me to help get everything into the building and then help with the setup. When everything was in place and beautiful she left me to a busy day of talking to all you amazing brides.  Eryn said she would return to pick me up around 4:30.

All day I had friends stop by and talk to me as well as chatting to the great lady’s in the booths next to mine. Did anyone notice I had on two totally different earrings?  Was it not noticeable?  Did my daughter not even see it?  Was everyone just being polite?!  Please don’t be polite next time!! I’m sure I would have looked better with NO earrings than two that were so very different. Did you all think I was making a fashion statement? I don’t know HOW to make a fashion statement. Gezzz


So here I was at the Premier Bridal Festival with two different earrings on… all day! When I sat those earrings down on the dresser after my long day you can only guess what crossed my mind.  After a gasp and groan, I was horrified! Really? Did I wear these all day and no one said anything… not even my daughter?! Talk about embarrassing. Then I tried to reason with myself…  your very tired after your summer wedding season, you just turned 54, you have lot’s of grey hair and your old!  Everyone will just excuse this fashion faux pas… or will they? Ugh!

Well it’s over… I’m “trying” to laugh about it. You can bet the next time I see myself in the mirror the earrings will be the first thing I look at!

Teri : )

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