How To Start and Run a Wedding Venue – In Your Own Backyard

Does your dream of starting your own outdoor wedding venue seem unreachable? Could you use some extra income?

For years I have been a stay at home mom to our 4 children. The strain on our family budget is very real and retirement, what’s that? With two children still at home my husband Les and I knew we had to come up with a way to get back on top of the finances. I have strong organizational skills and felt I needed to work from home. Two of our daughters had been married in our backyard and we figured if we could do it for our girls we could do it for others.

Denison Ridge has just pasted the nine-year mark and we are going strong. We have been able to put money down on our principle house payment and can see light at the end of our long tunnel. That was our goal when we started the wedding venue, pay off the house, and we are! Working from home has also provided a great environment for our children to learn work ethics, have family time and make income.

It wasn’t long after we started the venue that I realized there are many people out there just like Les and I, looking for a way to help ends meet. Extra income comes in handy for children’s education, braces, vacations, paying off car and school loans, paying the mortgage and the list goes on. The entrepreneur in me just can’t stand by and not try and help others! If I can start and run a wedding venue so can you. I decided to write out everything that Les and I have done and share it in an eBook format… and How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue –In Your Own Backyard was created.

Starting a Wedding Venue in your backyard doesn’t have to be Overwhelming…

Running your own business is a lot of work, it’s easy to get overwhelmed just thinking about all the parts that go into a business start-up. There are state and local regulations and licenses, website creation and maintenance, printing needs, advertisement decisions, venue contract, venue showings, décor options, and so much more. It seems like there are so many details to take care of before you can even get started.

But, what if you had a detailed, step by step guide to walk you through it? My desire in creating How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue – In Your Own Backyard is to walk you through each step in the best and most effective way, it’s full of real life examples and methods that have worked for me. You can get started now and be moving forward.

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Benefits of Owning your own business


What could you do with extra income? Pay off debt, purchase braces or college for the children? How about pay your house mortgage off like we are doing.


Owning your own business will keep you involved in the community. Networking is so important and something we should all be involved with.


There is never a dull moment in this industry! There will be new challenges, adjustments that need to be made and social media changes all the time. This keeps us young and alert, it's a good thing.


When you run a wedding venue there are so many ways that you can use your talents! Creating centerpieces, decor, photo areas outside and inside, the ceremony backdrop and what about all the beautiful gardens that need care.

Teaching Responsibility

Being able to teach our children from a young age good working habits has been priceless! Our children have been praised in the work force for dedication, being reliable and with great character.


You are the owner of a business, your business! Let this sink in... you make the schedule and call the shots. This takes responsibility and hard work and I know its possible.

What's Inside the ebook?

eBook (digital download) Chapters

Chapter 1: First Things First

Chapter 2: Venue Design

Chapter 3: Setup and Take Down

Chapter 4: Storage

Chapter 5: Weather and Natures Issues

Chapter 6: Venue Features

Chapter 7: Landscaping

Chapter 8: Electricity

Chapter 9: What are You Going to Allow?

Chapter 10: Tours and Bookings

Chapter 11: Customer Satisfaction

Chapter 12: Marketing

Chapter 13: Taking Care of You

Chapter 14: Dreams vs Reality

Chapter 15: Wrapping Up



Hi Teri! WOW!! You put in a LOT of work into your eBook (digital download), so impressed! Great job, I like that each chapter provided a page to work through. With the questions provided the reader doesn’t need to decipher how they would write the question they need to answer. I really liked that you included so many resources at the end of the eBook like the sample contract. Really a nice guide that will answer so many questions, help the reader stay focused and think about some things they may not have realized they need to know.
Erik Elsasser
Erik and Alicia Photography
Harmony: "Hello - I was curious how long it takes to get your book? Thanks!" Teri: "Hello Harmony! You received a download link with your confirmation order. It's an eBook so nothing is mailed to you. You have it right now. Please check your spam folder if you didn't receive it." Harmony: "I GOT IT!!!! Yay! I am SO EXCITED!!!!! This is a dream of mine and I found your book on pinterest last night!!!!" Teri: "I'm so Excited for you Harmony!! You go girl." Harmony: "YOU ARE A DREAM!!!!!!! 🙂 I've already read the first 50 pages!!! Thankfully I don't think turkeys will be a problem but I hadn't thought of that!" Teri: "LOL!"
Hi~ I very much enjoyed your ebook and found it very helpful. We have not yet purchased land or gotten started in any way - but I felt this would be a valuable resource. Thank you for sharing your information!
Thanks Teri! We are contemplating starting a venue - it may be a 3 yr plan - your info has been very informative! thanks!
Hi Teri, I just downloaded your ebook and I wanted to thank you!! My husband and I have had the idea of starting a wedding venue in the next few years and I have been looking for a guide just like yours! I am excited to read my way through it and hopefully have a semi-smooth transition when the time comes. So thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with others, it is so very helpful! ****************************************************************************************************** UPDATE: We finished your ebook! Wow, you poured out so much knowledge, thank you! It definitely prints a clearer picture for where to begin and how to begin, and what steps to take along the way. Very well written! Blessings
Hi Teri! I bought your book and have started looking through it. What a great resource! My fiance and I are looking into the feasibility of starting our own venue and I really appreciate all your helpful tips... Thanks again for your great book!... What an undertaking!
Hi Teri, Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your ebook! We have a choose & cut Christmas tree farm... I've been spending tons of time online researching various aspects of operating a venue. When I came across your e-book, I thought "Perfect! An explanation of starting a venue from square one; that's what I need." You really gave me lots of helpful tips. Even for things we'll do differently, it's a good springboard to get me thinking about what we will do.Thanks again for your insights! God bless you and your family!
Hi Teri, My daughter and I have started a wedding planning business and having a venue also has always been in our plan. Your book is very helpful. Thank you. We are slowly getting things together. Of course as you know this does take time. We are excited to add this to our business. Thank you again for such a wonderful resource.

About the Author

Hey, I’m Teri and I wrote How To Start and Run a Wedding venue - In Your Own Backyard. I ran Denison Ridge a wedding venue... in my backyard, for over 11 years. My husband and I knew we had to do something in the financial area so he could retire at a decent age. I have written the eBook (digital download) for those who are struggling with finances or just looking for a creative outlet for that entrepreneurial spirit. Home is truly where my heart is. Running a venue in my backyard was a blessing in so many areas of my life.

How to Start And Run a Wedding Venue - In Your Own Backyard

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