Table Runners & the Wow Factor

Love the idea of adding some color to those white linens? Have you considered table runners? White linens are very beautiful but if you’re looking for an easy way to add some color, and contrast to your table, a table runner might just be the answer.

Table Runners & the Wow Factor

Table runners are “so” beautiful! They are a great way to add dimension and bling to your table scape. Whether it is for the food table, guest tables, dessert table, or sign in table, they can make a plain linen say, wow!

What’s really exciting about the table runner is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make them yourself by gathering supplies “new” at your local fabric or craft store.

Or… you can rent them from your local rental company. Also, check out the second hand stores to find them.

How about asking friends or your grandmother (who would be very excited if asked) if they have some beautiful old linens or lace pieces they would like to part with or loan to you.

It’s also nice that every table does not have to have a runner.  You might just choose to use them on the head table, guest sign-in or maybe just the dessert table instead of every guest table. If cost becomes an issue pick and choose where you want these beauties to be.

I have created a Wedding Table Runners  board over at Pinterest if idea inspiration is needed. The possibilities are endless of course, so just let go and dream a little.

Looking for an easy way to add color and the “wow factor” to your table decor? table runners should be a consideration. They come in all colors, sizes, shapes and textures and will add a lot to the wedding day features.

 Do you have any thoughts on table runners?

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