Tales from a Bride: Bethy!

By Taylor Oddino

Hi guys! Taylor the intern here. I cannot wait for this lovely lady to get married! She is one of the most genuine, joyous people I’ve ever met. She loves the Lord and makes other people happy just by being present. I first met Bethy dancing in our university’s dance ministry club. She was my Prayer Buddy, and we got to collaborate together on a piece for a domestic violence awareness fundraiser.

I recently had the chance to ask Bethy some questions about her upcoming November wedding. Enjoy!

Tales from a Bride: Bethy!

Bethy and her fiancé Josh!

1) You’re wedding is one month away! Tell us what you’ll be doing in this last month to get ready.

This last month will be full, but honestly, there will be little difference between the fullness of this month and the fullness of the past one. We decided to have a very short engagement (less than three months) and for three weeks of it I was in Africa, so it’s been wild from the start!

We have made our big decisions by now and it is down to the small details like final dress fittings, buying Josh’s ring, making a few decorations, and calling all the people we have hired to be sure we are all on the same page. There are so many things left to do, really. I have a list that I am constantly referring to. Crossing things off that list is the most satisfactory part.

2) What’s been the most enjoyable part of wedding planning?

The most enjoyable aspect of wedding planning is when I am able to physically get something done. This could be as simple as going to a meeting, or as complicated and creative as making decorations out of very few resources. A few days ago I had the joy of creating a mountain scene out of burch tree branches with my friend, Lauren, who’s property we are getting married at. The physical act of lifting, sawing, and hammering nails was pivotal for me. I knew that with every hammer, I was closer to getting married to my best friend. And it was also so fun to make such a big decoration!

3) What’s been surprising about the wedding planning process?

What surprised me most was how many details come up that I didn’t even know about! I didn’t realize how much we would have to rent or how complicated a meal becomes when your Caterer does not provide servers. We have our own unique challenges because we are having an outdoor ceremony in Washington in November. Little details for how to make sure everyone will be warm enough keep popping up. Planning hot drinks, renting 10 heaters, gathering blankets, buying 15 umbrellas, and shopping for warm layers for me and my bridesmaids are just a few things that have come up.

Tales from a Bride: Bethy!
A decoration for Bethy’s wedding – oh-so beautiful!

4) What have you learned about your relationship through the wedding planning process?

It is hard to know with confidence all the ways Josh and I have grown in our relationship as we prepare for marriage, as engagement is so short. However, I have loved to see our shift in conversation. We are now free to talk about the future without saying phrases such as “if we get married we could…” or “someday, if we are still together, we should…” or “if we have a family someday, I would like to…”. There has been so much freedom to be found in knowing that we have chosen each other and that a future together can be counted on.

5) What are you most looking forward to about the wedding?

Besides getting married to Joshua, I am most excited about having communion at my wedding. Josh and I are both Christians and strive to follow Jesus in all we do. It was important to us that we had communion during our wedding and rather than the traditional, mid-ceremony communion, we will be sharing the sacrament at the beginning of our reception meal, each table passing the elements among themselves, as Jesus did with His disciples. During this time, my brother, who is an opera singer, will be singing a hymn. It will be such a special time and I am so excited for it!

6) Any advice to brides-to-be out there?

I don’t have much wisdom to share with brides to be except that if you want a short engagement but you aren’t sure you’ll be able to have your perfect wedding, just go for it! There are a lot of hours in the day and you CAN plan a wedding in just 2 or 3 months, despite our culture telling us otherwise.

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