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Are you ready to celebrate your wedding, western-style? Bring out the cowboy hats, boots, and mason jars for this party. There are some aspects of a western wedding that are usually present. Still, there’s a lot of room for creativity and making it your own. Check out these suggestions.

The Best Western-Style Wedding Ideas for a Unique Event

What is a Western-Style Wedding?

A western wedding will invoke the spirit of the country rather than the city. It’s a relaxed vibe with many details that you might see on farms or outdoors, including wildflowers, cowboy attire, and other western-inspired things.

Ideas for a Western Wedding


Anyone and everyone, from the bride and groom to the bridal party, to the guests, can wear cowboy boots to this event. They’re comfortable, and they have a country look that will pair well with dressy gowns and suits to make them a bit more casual.

Cowboy Hats

The groom and groomsmen may want to wear cowboy hats. Likely, the ladies will instead opt for up-dos or curls, but you can do whatever works for your wedding.


Speaking of photos, are there any typical “western wedding” shots to take? Yes! Anything featuring cowboy hats is good, and also some images of the groomsmen and bridal party with boots on. You may also take some photos of the bride and groom near a pickup truck with a sign that says “Married” or any other ideas you think will work well. Outdoor photos showing the landscape of the venue are also great.


You’ll want to use country-type flowers – baby’s breath, wildflowers, and even roses if they’re paired with the correct decor. Be sure to add a lot of greenery, too. You can use burlap, leather or twine to wrap the bouquets.


Mason jars with candles (you can use fake ones or real ones) will help set the mood. If you plan on hosting at a barn venue, they may have a rustic chandelier that will work well for the occasion. You can also string up lights outdoors for a beautiful glow.

Rustic Accents

This is one of the unique things about western-style weddings. Rustic accents include things like wood, lots of greenery, and many times an outdoor setting. Think about what aspects you want to incorporate for the day.

Wedding Favors

Try wedding favors that make you think country. For example, candy apples, a rustic tic tac toe game, or plants and flowers. Even if your wedding favors are already picked out, you can always add some details to give them a western flair.

Enjoy Your Western-Style Wedding!

A western style wedding is a relaxed and country-themed event that includes rustic details. Try to add this vibe into photos, lighting, decor, and favors. You’ll find a lot of helpful information about western weddings is available, so you should have no shortage of inspiration. As a final note, western weddings are especially great in the summer and fall, so be sure to think about getting hitched at this time of year. Have a good time planning, and enjoy the day!

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